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  1. Success at long last, Okay guys here's what I did and it's working fine now! 1- I changed default language to english and re-downloaded Evernote and installed it. All in english. (i'll change it back now that i've got Evernote working and pray that it still does work) 2- Follow Rakeshsgk's instructions except I went and cleared "all" the caches. Any app that had a cache I emptied the cache. And then turn off phone. Remove battery, et cetera. See Rakeshsgk's instructions which are better detailed and explained. 3- Had to do number 2 a couple times. And now it works. (I'll let you know if that status changes.) Peace and bonne continuité p.s. I use the UMX MAX Android phone from Public Mobile
  2. Yeah it should at least ask. But I'm having the same prob. Let us know if you have any developments.
  3. Hey Le Husky, Yeah same phone same company Public Mobile. Been a while. Thought I'd check back to see if there was any improvement. Still hoping to get it to work. Any luck? It couldn't be because it's in French right?
  4. Just to add to the discussion, I have a similar situation in that I've installed, uninstalled, erased, re-installed, downloaded, redownloaded the app from different sources including directly from Evernote. I have used WIFI and 3G the answer always comes up the same. I too am using a French version of Evernote. The error message is as follows (from the French): "Impossible de contacter le Serveur" roughly translated it is: "Impossible to contact the server". My Android device is a cheapy UMX MAX Public Mobile phone that I bought about a month ago. Here's my support ticket number: # 16051-126280 cheers
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