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  1. Thanks Scott for the quick response. Sorry I didn't specify exactly what I meant. The pinch to zoom works fine in reading mode. I was actually referring to zoom in editing mode. I often write articles on my mobile device on the tab. While writing on evernote, the zoom functionality does not exist. The only option is to increase the font size, which may not be practical as mentioned earlier. thanks.
  2. Using evernote on mobile is not an issue but when using on a 10inch tab, the text size is too small for at least older people to read. A workaround might be using bigger fonts, but this is not practical if the only requirement is to retain the font size across all devices but only to zoom on one device. Enlarging the font doesn't work always anyway as it gets reset to the default font size across all devices every time the note is edited once on an Android tab. Not sure how many of the users here might be interested in this zoom feature or have felt the need for this feature
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