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  1. My students are using Evernote as their science notebook this year. At any time, they have the option of using a paper notebook and taking a photo of their written notes to place them in their Evernote notebook. Special education staff is insisting that I no longer use this in my classroom with my 7th and 8th grade students. I don't understand this since students have the option of using a paper notebook and the students in question say that they prefer using the electronic version, and are able to do so. Has anyone else used this with special needs students and ran into these difficulties? Any suggestions?
  2. What I was thinking is I would have to set up a different notebook for each student, but if anyone has a better idea, please let me know! I did contact the Evernote folks and they said there is no discount beyond the "half off for schools". I was hoping maybe there was some grant funding or such. Half off is generous, but with the number of students I see a day, it would still eat expensive. I teach in a small, rural district and I don't feel I could justify the cost. Thanks for your input, folks!
  3. Thanks and sorry Grumpy Monkey...I missed the part about emailing to a notebook. But if I wanted to keep the kids' stuff compiled in a notebook (rather than sending separate notes), I am thinking I would need to set up a separate notebook on my end for each kid and then share that with them with modification rights. Can any one think of a simpler way to do this? It would be a lot easier if I could get our kids premium accounts, but...
  4. I think a shared notebook for materials is fine, but if I have all of my kids emailing me notes it will be a disaster...I am having them use their Evernote notebook as a science notebook, so I need to somehow go in and view its content and score it. There may be multiple entries I will grade at a time. Other ideas?
  5. With school starting in 3 weeks here, I am getting a little nervous about launching Evernote, but I really want it to work. I have basically decided to keep my web page with lesson plans and unit requirements, but want to use Evernote for individual student science notebooks. I plan to get a premium account for myself, even if I have to pay for it, but there is no way I can do that for students, as I see over 100 kids in our 7-period day. But, I am still not clear on how to do shared notebooks so I can comment on student work with only my premium account. Can someone walk me through this? I get how to do a basic share of a notebook...just not how to set this up to grade kids's stuff. It needs to be pretty simple for both of us to work. I am used to Google Docs and love that, but many of my kids will be using their own devices and it just doesn't work when it is still read only on iOS devices. Thanks!
  6. Thanks, Tim. We do have Google Chrome, so that issue should be ok, but I know some schools where the techs will only run IE, so I can see where that can be a problem. I would like some others to chime in with their experiences!
  7. Thanks! I am using iTunes. Do I just attach it to a note or os there a way to embed it in the note itself? Just getting started with this, so sorry if that sounds ignorant!
  8. I am deciding how and if to use Evernote in my classroom. I have kept some pretty extensive web pages for each unit of my science classes with web links, unit tasks, etc. What do you see as the advantages of putting resources into Evernote, rather than a web page? Or if you used both, how would your website change? How do you see Evernote as changing classoom dynamics as a result?
  9. mnsciteach

    k-12 Podcasts

    Greetings, What is the best way to bring a podcast into Evernote as a student resource?
  10. Greetings, I teach science in a small rural high school (grades 7-12 in one building). Last year I used Google Docs as collaborative (small group) digital science notebooks. There are many features that I like about Docs, particularly the commenting feature. However, I do not have a 1:1 classroom and depsite my efforts to promote kids working together, some participated little in their groups. I wanted a way to better get kids involved individually, and thought if I included kids using thier own devices, along with those at school, I could make this more likely. The problem? The new Google Drive is read only on iOS mobile devices, which many of my kids own. So....knowing Evernote works on everything, I thought it might be a good alternative. I am one of those who downloaded Evernote at a colleagues's suggestion to my smart phone and never used it. I have started to play with it and am reaearching the web, so I have the basics, but I would like suggestions from those who may have used it more in this capacity or something similar. I am also concerned about the ability to do comment easily on student work, as they would be using the free version. Thank you!
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