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  1. As promised an update: the Android-update through samsung's Kies caused a problem on my internal SD-card. Folder like dbdata weren't writable anymore, causing apps to behave like they were opened for the first time. Anyway, I've reïnstalled Android, installed Evernote and needed only to login the first time. After that I could open the app, even offline to add notes. Hooray! O, and I love it
  2. It would indeed be a great idea to get it clear somehow what you can and can't do with the app when you're offline/online. Especially that part wasn't clear to me, and I really thought an internet connection is necessary every time you want to create a note. A vid should be helpful. Anyway, my phone needs a makeover which it will get tonight. EN is the first app I'll install after that. You were very helpful, thanks!
  3. GrumpyMonkey, thanks again for your time. I am going to do a fresh install of my phone, as I noticed things in several apps that were funny. Or let's say: not working like it should. Tried whatever I could, but something went very wrong during the update. So I will be backing up the most important data of my phone, install android 2.3.6. And the first thing I'll do: install the latest evernote to see if it finally works like it should I will keep you posted of course. I did not file a ticket, as it's not an evernote specific problem, but has something to do with the os.
  4. Ah yes, obviously the error doesn't occur now. I had no running apps, opened EN again without wifi connection, and got straight to my notes I hate it when things like that happen. Filing a bug seems fine by me, but if it sometimes works and sometimes not... EDIT: I found out that Evernote is actually acting like it's being opened for the first time. That's why it wants me to log in or create an account every time (or won't open without wifi), has the default settings etc. It seems this happens every now and then when the android os gets an update (which is my case, I went from 2.2 to 2.3 just a few days ago). I installed quite a few new apps, yet only 2 of them are showing this behaviour: Evernote and appbrain market. After logging into EN, I get the "explore evernote" screen.. I suppose that's intended only for the first time, not every time. Tried deleting the data and cache in settings -> apps management, but no success. I don't have an external SD. Where does EN store the preferences? And why isn't that working like it should?
  5. Well, that's sort of like it: I can open the open the app only if I have a connection. If I close my internet connection, while the app is open, I can continue editing/creating notes. If, when there's no connection, I minimize and try to get back (for example through the share -> Evernote - create a note), I can't get in EN. As I'm not familiar with the android EN app, I thought this was normal behavior. In other words: that a working internet connection is necessary for using the app. I understand that's not the case? I also have to login every time I start the app (if theres an internet connection of course). Is this normal? Or should EN remember me, even after having closed the app? I have attached the photo, but as I said, it's in Dutch. Also noticed another thing: it doesn't remember these settings either: only sync while having a wifi connection (I check that, and next time I login, it's unchecked again). Same for Offline searching (I check it, and it also gets unchecked). I haven't changed other settings, so don't know if it's just these or all settings that it doesn't remember.
  6. ok, I will try to do that tonight. There's really no way to access evernote's app when there's no internet connection (not using internet via phone network as I'm abroad). When I disconnect with the app open, I can edit and create notes without problems. (just get a ststus aupdate that syncing failed, but it get's stored on my phone) As soon as I minimize / close it and want to open EN again, I get blocked.
  7. I noticed the same thing. Added a source link on the web, can visit the url from my phone, but can´t find how to edit or add this on my android phone.
  8. thanks for your reply GrumpyMonkey! Not sure if I made myself clear, but I posted my message in the Evernote for Android board, because I want to know is it's possible too create offline notes on my (android) phone. So my question is not about the pc client. Not sure how I can create a screenshot of my phone, but it's just to normal green screen (logo + evernote). Where you'd normally login, I know see "geen netwerkverbinding gevonden" (which translates as "no network connection found". Below that there's just one button "opnieuw" (= try again). So no way to create a note on my phone.
  9. What I like about EN, is the fact that I can make notes on my phone and sync this later on my PC. So far so good. But: I don't always have an internet connection on my phone and sometimes want to create notes, to check out again when I'm online. Is this even possible?! (it is on some other platforms) If I open EN, I only get the message that there's no network connection. Too bad really I'd like to have the option to collect notes that will be synced as soon as I'm back online again (like Tweetdeck does for example for tweets/status updates that you enter when you're offline. As soon as you get back online, Tweetdecks detect this and they are sent automatically). Is there perhaps a thirdy party that has this container function? I don't need to see my notebooks offline, I just want to create some notes when I'm offline. Any ideas? Thanks!
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