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  1. Phil, Color is important. We all know that colors in notes (in general, not only Evernote) is a key issue, because it helps to highlight some type of information (importance, to do, etc...). A tool like evernote whose name explicitely enhance its use to take notes cannot say that it has no color capability like you did it, suggesting that this is of poor importance (I know that the words you wrote say "at this moment". But the tone of your whole sentence do not say the same thing) It is so important that other versions of evernote have this capability. Besides that, I have several software on my ipad allowing colored fonts. This limit cannot be a technical one ! Today, I am using iDo bloc-note just to have a word in color, than copy it and go back in evernote to paste it : not really efficient ! I thought that it was a temporary situation and that in the future Evernote Company would add this feature on the Ipad version (with word cont, font control and some other things that exist on evernote with other platforms). But your answer suggest that it would never be the case. I' ve stopped to survey notes software after I begun to work with evernote. But if you confirm that Evernote considers that it is of poor importance and that it would not come, I think that I have to continue to try to find an efficient tool to take notes.
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