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  1. Hi, since we both have the same issue perhaps this is just a limitation of the mobile app? Anyone else care to comment on their experience?
  2. Hi, I'm brand new to Evernote. I'm using Evernote ver 4.1 on o.s. Android ICS 4.0.4, on a tablet device Samsung Tab 2 10.1 I can't find the "source link:" field (a.k.a. "set url") when creating a note, nor when editing an existing note. However, after a note is saved, I display the note, touch menu icon, touch "note info"; there then appears a popup box showing a "source link" field which is of course empty. How do I type data into this field? Now when using web based Evernote on a bowser, the "source link" field is plainly visible when editing a note. Thanks for you help, Kelvin
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