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  1. I've unchecked notify me of new comments in my email. But I am getting ONS of spam new topic notifications every day. It seems nobody is moderating. I dont want to waste my time looking in the forum if there is mostly spam. It needs to be better organized and moderated quicly before it gets to the real members using evernote. I come here to learn and save more time, not waste more of it
  2. JBenson, that might be true, but there is nothing wrong with a free member having a easier way to invite friends and for everyone to make some money with the premium membership. These days it's very easy to start a affiliate program.
  3. Learning how to be more productive w/Evernote

  4. I don't see any updates to this since November.. so I'm hoping that Evernote started a affiliate AND Referral program. I wouldlove to join and I'm sure can get others to join as well. If you haven't started one, I'm a internet consultant and can help you with it
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