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  1. Thanks for the great suggestions -- I have a better idea how to tackle my search needs now.
  2. This is what the enduser sees (see attachment). If they would replace the "tagged with" with "OR", I would understand how the search works. But the way it is displayed makes no sense. EDIT: OK, I guess the ANY suggests the OR. Still, there gotta be a better way.
  3. Agreed. It narrows the search capabilities. Moreover, the way this OR search is implemented is completely intransparent to the end user. I can see that power users understand this behavior, but I suspect Evernote wants to target a broader market.
  4. Cal: Why is this a very narrow use case? People use hierarchical tags. Moreover, people use quick search. I assume a lot of people use both and may get confused by this behavior. Moreover, I got two responses to my follow-up comment within two hours, which is great (I send this query to Evernote support a few days ago and NOTHING). -- again, Evernote has so many loyal/great users, but the company/product is a mess.
  5. Jeff: This is an excellent explanation -- the best asset Evernote has are the people in this forum. The software itself, unfortunately, is the single most counterintuitive tool I'm using day to day.
  6. Hi: I use hierarchical tags to organize Evernote. When I mark a top level tag, evernote shows all notes associates with the top level tag and all tags below. So far so good. When I now enter a search term in the quick search box, evernote seems to ignore the currently selected tags. Instead, evernote shows me all notes that match the search term, irrespective of tags. For instance, when I mark the top level tag "Research", evernote shows 89 notes. When I now type in "instrument", evernote shows 138 notes (this is the search text under the quick search box): Viewing 138 notes in "All Notebooks" matching ANY of the following: contains words starting with "instrument" tagged with "Research", "All Tags under Research" I don't understand the logic behind this search. Can someone shine some light on this issue? Thank you! Steve
  7. Hi: When I double click on a note, the new window does not open maximized. Some other Windows apps "remember" to open maximized when exiting through "File > Close", but not in Evernote. Is there a trick to open all new note windows "maximized"? I'm not speaking about a full screen or presentation mode, but simply to have the note window maximized (so it saves me to click the "maximize" windows button every time I double click on a note). Thanks a bunch! Steve
  8. Thanks for the reply. I did some additional research and it seems like it was possible to automatically add the currently highlighted tag. See here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/23176-feature-request-create-new-note-with-tag/page-1#entry282347However, this option seems not to work anymore. Any ideas why this has been removed? Thanks, Steve
  9. Dear All: Is it possible to add the currently highlighted tag to a newly created note? I'm asking because I completely got rid of notebooks and now only work with tags. However, if the currently highlighted tag is not added automatically, there is a good chance that I forget to tag a note manually (and said note disappears in my default notebook). Thanks! Steve
  10. It seems like this feature has stopped working. Does someone know how to re-enable it on Windows?
  11. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/69850-evernote-not-syncing-tags-across-different-devices/ This problem seems more widespread than I thought. It amazes me that a software that is so widely used has a major bug that is not fixed for several months. Also, I created a ticket at Evernote but have not heard back for some time also.
  12. I experienced this issue recently. I also created a ticket with Evernote, yet have not heard back from them. Does anybody know what the status is on this issue, or when it will be solved? At this point, I'm not sure I can trust anything I put into Evernote as I'm heavily relying on tags...
  13. Hi *, I have several tags that are present in my Evernote Desktop Client but NOT in the Evernote Web-Environment. I also read several threats in this forum reporting similar issues, basically boiling down to some sync issues with tags. I was able to figure out that when I rename the tag in the desktop client, sync, and then re-rename the tag in the desk client, it is correctly synced to all devices and the web. Are there any ways that I could (1) rename all tags (for instance, adding a prefix) and then re-rename them or (2) push a "fresh sync" from my desktop client to the web (basically resyncing everything as I am certain my desktop client has all the right tags in it). Thanks! Steve
  14. A quick update on this issue: Once I typed in the tag by hand (without autocomplete), the tag then will be autocompleted. Any ideas if this is a bug? Thanks!
  15. Hi: I'm using hierarchical tags and also the web clipper (Evernote Web Clipper 6.2.6 -- in Chrome and Win 7 64x). When I try to add a tag that is on the 3rd level in my hierarchy, the clipper does not auto-complete the tag. Moreover, if I type in the tag, it gets thrown out of the hierarchy (and placed as top-level tag). Does anyone know of to solve this issue? Thanks! Steve
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