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  1. I have a note I want to split in half. Before I would duplicate the note and then edit the two. I can't find a way to duplicate the note.
  2. I attempted moving a note from one notebook to another. When I move over to click on the upside down ^, a green arrow magically appears and I accidentally click on it and end up navigating away from the drop down I was attempting to go to.
  3. I just did a search for -tag:* and found 1226 notes. I want to move them all to a NOTEBOOK names "Need tags". How do I do this? I can't see the way to select them all.
  4. Before I was able to change the create and updated date. I do this to keep my notes in order. I found the feilds in the info section, but do not see how to edit them. My notes are getting out of order.
  5. Before I was able to select multiple notes. Then click merge. How do I do that now?
  6. I tried the "new" version a long time ago and reverted back. The version I was running was not loading all the snippets in chrome, but was fine in firefox. Web clipper wasn't working in firefox, (just got that working by changing a "privacy setting")...a little late..... I believe the server "Converted" me to the new versions. I use the desktop version at work under MSWindows and it is great. I am a linux user and keep praying for a standalone app for it. Last Tool tied to windows. Let me pick a thumbnail. Let me edit the snippet. Let me pick a compact snippet. Doesn't seam to complicated. Give me a small section at the top of my note to edit. Use that as the snippet.
  7. OMG....I have been using an older version than 5.33. Did the try new version....Took me to V10....no thumbnails and slow load times for notes. did the revert to older version. Now it is 5.33. Some of the thumbnails are there, but the tiles are HUGE. When I float over a note, they TURN GREEN and a trashcan appears WHERE i AM clicking!!!!! Ya 14000+ notes. Each had a good icon...now what? I still use the MSwindows App....Hopefully when I get to work tomorrow it still works. I was using a different version than 5.33 and V10.x just a few hours ago....the issues with these two versions are huge compared to what I was looking to see if they fixed. How do I get back to that version?????
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