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  1. @Jackolicious - "Beach Balls everywhere" means that only when Evernote is open. It only started happening recently, like 2 days ago, and the only change has been the Evernote Database issues. No beachballs anywhere when Evernote is not running. I have performed all possible issues using the tools I have always used and no issues are found. In the logs it does show Evernote sync issues. It freezes my entire system after it's open for an hour or so. That never happens. As a premium user, I need support to look at the logs I guess. Not blaming anyone right now, but it appears that Evernote app is the issue. It bugs out often now.
  2. I got beach balls everywhere. I previously had Evernote installed via the App Store. Then I deleted the app to trash, followed instructions on install of the latest download of Evernote and waited for 7 hours for the sync to occur (yea I have 3800+ notes). Issues so far: Crashes entire OS Lion - freezes everything. That never happens with my finely tuned Mac Fired up Parallels on my Mac to see if it was a Mac thing - same thing non responsive on the Windows side even after new version update Web - I am getting some beach balls on the web side as well Is there a server or database issue post the problems you guys had a week or so ago??? This is killing me. 8 hours of not being able to use EN... I have NEVER had this before. Please help - can't be the only one experiencing this issue.
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