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  1. Another drawback of the tag editor window compared with the side bar: - Long label names are cut off after 23 characters, so for my project tags (yymmdd <project summary>) I miss the context of it. Am I the only one who finds the tag editor window awkward? In my Windows 'era' I never used this window, because new tags where directly added to my notes. Now I'm forced to use it because otherwise I cannot edit the tag hierarchy tree.
  2. Since I've switched from Windows to OS X, I'm missing a feature that I used a lot when I used Evernote on a Windows PC, namely editing the tag tree hierarchy in the side bar. I'm using Evernote for GTD, based on The Secret Weapon, which means I have a couple of tags, like pending projects, finished projects, reference tags etc. During my GTD weekly review, I usually drag some tags, such as project tags, between my main tags. On the mac, I first have to open the tag editor to drag the tags to another place. I think editing the tag hierarchy in the tag editor is too cumbersome: - Hierarchy of tags is messy when there is not enough vertical space - All tags are collapsed by default. The side bars stores which tags are expanded - When there is a tag in the side bar I want to move to another place, I first have to open the tag editor, find the tag by expanding the tags, and move it to the right place. Hopefully, Evernote will implement this functionality for the mac users.
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