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  1. Another drawback of the tag editor window compared with the side bar: - Long label names are cut off after 23 characters, so for my project tags (yymmdd <project summary>) I miss the context of it. Am I the only one who finds the tag editor window awkward? In my Windows 'era' I never used this window, because new tags where directly added to my notes. Now I'm forced to use it because otherwise I cannot edit the tag hierarchy tree.
  2. Since I've switched from Windows to OS X, I'm missing a feature that I used a lot when I used Evernote on a Windows PC, namely editing the tag tree hierarchy in the side bar. I'm using Evernote for GTD, based on The Secret Weapon, which means I have a couple of tags, like pending projects, finished projects, reference tags etc. During my GTD weekly review, I usually drag some tags, such as project tags, between my main tags. On the mac, I first have to open the tag editor to drag the tags to another place. I think editing the tag hierarchy in the tag editor is too cumbersome: - Hierarchy of
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