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  1. Unfortunately, deleting accounts is a manual process at the moment. If you could email me your CardDesk user name (from the email account you signed up with for security purposes) I will delete your account and all it's associated data this evening. Alternatively, for your own peace of mind, you could remove any Cards you have on a Desktop. This would automatically delete the corresponding Evernote note from the CardDesk servers. Sorry for the inconvenience. Ashley
  2. Hi Panzerkampfwagen, I can understand your concern, but let me assure you that your account has not been compromised in any way. CardDesk gets notifications from Evernote whenever there is a change made to a note in your Evernote Account. When CardDesk gets a notification, it checks to see if the note in question has been used on a CardDesk desktop. If it has, then CardDesk is "interested" in the note and therefore "pre-fetches" and caches it locally on the CardDesk servers ready for your next visit to the Desktop (It also fetches and re-sizes any images found in the note). This is a performance optimisation that greatly improves the user experience of CardDesk. Please email me at Ashley.Rawbone@me.com if you would like me to explain further. I'm sorry to have caused you alarm. Ashley Rawbone
  3. Hi guys. I haven't visited this forum for a quite a while and I'm very sorry I haven't replied to the above posts - I started a new "real-life" job about a year ago and it's been exhausting. I'd just like to say that CardDesk is still a project very close to my heart and I have every intention of supporting and maintaining the site for the foreseeable future. I think I have taken CardDesk about as far as I can on my own as a "spare-time" project. I would love to take CardDesk to the next level and be able devote myself full-time to it. I'm constantly on the look out for a way to make that happen so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you again for trying CardDesk and for all of your positive feedback. Kind regards, Ashley
  4. Thanks Candeeman, I'm glad you like CardDesk. In answer to your questions: 1) As far as I'm aware CardDesk works well on most modern browsers with the exception of Firefox. 2) Unfortunately CardDesk it is not yet "touch ready" and does not work well on Tablets or Phones at this point. 3) The process for changing your home page will be different depending on which browser you are using. Wiki-How have guide here. However, if you are using CardDesk with Google Chrome, you can also install it as an app from the Google App Store I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have once you start using CardDesk. Thanks in advance, Ash
  5. Hi Simon. Again, sorry for the late response. For some reason I've not been getting email notifications when people post to this topic. Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated. A lot of people have been asking for an iPad version so it is definitely on the to-do list. I do plan to support Evernote business accounts, but I haven't considered how I might support multiple basic accounts. I will certainly give that some thought! Take care, Ash
  6. Hi 47getgoing, I do apologise for the late response - I've only just seen this post. Thanks again for the feedback. You've got some excellent ideas which I will definitely take on board. Due to real-life time constraints over the last couple of weeks, I haven't had much time to update CardDesk, but hopefully that will change over the next couple of months. Take care, Ashley
  7. I'm glad you are enjoying the app. The application will be updated automatically as I deploy fixes and new features. You can keep track of the "Change History" at the bottom of the page at http://www.carddesk.net/ I'll be releasing an update later today, which will include, the much requested support for Tags. I look forward to hearing your feedback.
  8. Hi Andrew, You are right. I appear to have introduced a bug with the z-order in the last update. I'll get fix out ASAP. Thanks for the feedback.
  9. The fix is in place. Changes made in the Web Evernote Client should now be reflected in real-time in CardDesk. I've always considered this one of CardDesk's coolest features. It's a shame it hasn't been working for the newly signed up users! One of my favourite demonstrations is to open CardDesk on my PC and place an Evernote note on a desktop. I then mark-up that same note using Skitch on my mobile phone, and hit the save button. When everything is working correctly the card in CardDesk updates in seconds. Thanks Stuhr for spotting this one.
  10. Hi Stuhrer - I've just taken a look at the CardDesk logs for today and it appears I have a bug. The "real-time" updates that I've been boasting about are only working on my account! I'll be working on a fix this evening and should have something in place later tonight. This does explain a lot of the feedback I've been getting. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Unfortunately, changes made in the Evernote Desktop Client will not show up in CardDesk until the Desktop Client syncs with the Evernote servers. This happens at a regular interval configured in Evernote’s sync settings. However, you can manually initiate a sync with the servers at any time from within the Desktop Client. This will push any changes you have made into CardDesk. I have tried to avoid creating an Evernote note editor due to time constraints, but I have considered adding a “Quick Note” feature. This would allow you to specify a title and some plain note text when creating a new note directly on a desktop. Would this satisfy your 'mindmap' requirement do you think?
  12. Hi Gazumped - Thanks for the feedback. It does appear that a few users are having trouble editing notes once they have been added to the desktop. Just to be clear, note editing takes place in the Evernote web client. Could you tell me if clicking on the elephant icon at the top of each card opens the note correctly in a new Evernote browser window? Any changes made to the note should be "instantly" reflected on the card in CardDesk. Double clicking on a note in the side-panel should also open the note in Evernote. I am very keen to introduce shared desktops with real-time updates. Any user viewing and updating a shared desktop would be able to see the changes made by other users as they are made (including layout changes). This would allow groups of people to work collaboratively on an idea or project.
  13. Hi Stuhrer, Did you move your cursor over to the left hand side of the screen? A panel should slide out revealing your Evernote notebooks and notes. Here are some basic "Getting Started" instructions I've compiled: Create new desktops using the Desktops menu.Move the cursor to the left of the screen to reveal your Evernote notes and notebooks.Drag notes from your notebooks onto the Desktop to create cards.Select multiple cards by clicking and dragging on the Desktop background.Click on the "elephant" icon at the top of each card to edit your note.Double click on any note in your notebooks to view it.Colour, stack and arrange your cards using the icons at the top of the screen.Let me know if you are still experiencing issues.
  14. Thanks bttrflygrl - I appreciate the feedback. Please do let me know if you have any feature requests that would help with your project "idea boards". I'm currently working on bringing in business notebooks after which I'll be adding adding tag support. I'm also toying with the idea of "shared" Desktops. Any user viewing and updating a shared desktop would be able to see changes made by other users in real-time. This would allow groups of people to work collaboratively on an idea or project.
  15. Hi Rgrenader - No, you are free to choose any username and password when you sign up for CardDesk. You will then be prompted to authorise CardDesk to work with your Evernote account. CardDesk has no knowledge of your Evernote account password.
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