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  1. I just encountered another loss of data. I appended something to the note on my Anroid device when offline. Now I wanted to synchronize. But instead new data to be propagated the old version of the note overwritten the new one resulting in data loss. Well then they admit that the major feature of their software is flawed and they distribute software with broken features enabled fully aware that they are exposing their customers to data loss. Very unproffesional. Ditto.
  2. Hi all, I'm using Evernote (258477) and I've noticed data loss in notes. I've encountered this problem previously but I couldn't confirm it in my memory how it happened. Now I have a case which I'm certain. I've put local wifi temporary credentials into the note. Then I've used them next day no problem from the same computer. But the day after the credentials were gone. My Evernote is synchronised between two laptops and one Android device. I guess I don't have to stress how this kind of unreliability undermines usibility of such application. Best regards, Martinez
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