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  1. This has been a huge issue for me for the last two years, ever since the functionality was removed for no convincing reason, but I can still not arrange my tag hierarchy in the sidebar even though this is way easier than in the main part of the window. Also, Evernote does still not highlight the selected tag if I make the selection in the sidebar. Both things used to be in there and made working with tags much easier. Guess it’s back to version 3.3 for me again, just like after every release of a new Evernote version.
  2. Up until the second-to-last release, it was possible to set the filename property in AppleScript, effectively allowing one to rename note attachments by using a script akin to the following: set theNotes to selection repeat with theNote in theNotes set theTitle to title of theNote set theAttachments to attachments of theNote set i to 0 repeat with theAttachment in theAttachments set i to i + i if i is greater than 1 then set theNewFilename to theTitle & " (" & i & ")" else set theNewFilename to theTitle end if tell script "ScriptLibrary" to set theNewFilename to replaceString(theNewFilename, {"/", ":"}, "-") set filename of theAttachment to theNewFilename & ".pdf" end repeat end repeat This functionality was removed. Filename is now r/o. Any chance it will reappear?
  3. This might be a workable solution for some, I am not denying this. However, it is not for me. I currently have sorted my cases using 1307 tags on 8 levels. In principle, Evernote is a very powerful tool to manage this amount of knowledge. The tag hierarchy makes navigating and managing them quick and easy, allowing me to use the sidebar to browse and assign tags from selected parts of the hierarchy (not so much on the Mac since EN5 whose GUI has very much crippled the potential of tag hierarchies except for relatively small, relatively flat tag systems but that is a different issue). A flat tag list with tags starting with a code like 01-12-14-07-16-03-11-16 would make navigation very cumbersome (the sidebar would simply list all 1307 tags and I would need to use a lot of scrolling to navigate between two tags which might be far apart numberwise but can be closely together with collapsable tag hierachies) and unnatural (I would have to learn the meaning of the numbers rather than rely on the established meanings of words).
  4. I agree. The old Evernote for Mac client used to have this feature, and then in a moment of "form over function", it was removed in Evernote 5. I also always liked the tag window in the Windows client where you could easily see all tags assigned to a note, something which is impossible on the Mac client.
  5. Due to the lack of a rate noting system, I use tags to rate notes. So I award tags from § to §§§§§, the more §s the more important notes. Let's say I want to see all notes rated §§§§ or above added since last year. I can perform a smart search like created:year-1 tag:§§§§* to find all new important notes. The smart search works. However, in Evernote 5 (5.5.2) it is impossible to save this search. When saving the search, it will be converted to created:year-1 tag:"§§§§" Thus, the saved search no longer finds top-rated notes.
  6. @cwb I concede the point that the central tag list is more space-efficient, however it has downsides: 1) I can't view a note at the same time (or at least not as easily - yes, I know I could open the note in a different window and align the windows, but that defeats the purpose, and is also not really feasible if I want to quickly navigate several notes assigned to one tag). 2) It simply can't show complex hierarchies over several levels as easily as the sidebar can. I think the attached (well, linked, this forum is not really meant for attachments) screenshot shows the difference quite well. The sidebar allows me to easily see the relationship of the tag "Kenntnis von den anspruchsbegründenden Tatsachen" to all of its parents and other forefathers quite easily, while the center view makes this information much harder to see. 3) I can't have a list of notes to the right and quickly drop them on my Make no mistake. I am happy that Evernote works so flawlessly for you, but for me, and the way I use Evernote to structure information, Evernote 5 was a huge downgrade in usability while still not fixing my biggest annoyance in Evernote for Mac (Evernote's inability to display all tags assigned to a note). Maybe the Evernote for Mac team feels like Evernote should not be a tool for researchers who use it to categorise thousands of cases and articles in a meaningful taxonomy related to their field of research and rather want to cater to users who use a flat tag hierarchy (preferably with only one or two tags assigned to one note). If that is so, that is a decision that I have to live with, but it seems odd to me that Evernote for Windows does a much better job there then Evernote for Mac. It is like there are two competing visions about the product. Incidentally, I found another issue. In Evernote 4 and Evernote for Windows, it was/is possible to create a tag as the child of another tag by right-clicking the expecting parent. No longer possible. Maybe there is another way to create a tag as a child immediately, but if so, it is not in the guide, it does not work the way it used to, and it is not coherent among applications. Maybe I am a lazy user, but I am also very frustrated.
  7. Dragging and dropping in the sidebar is not a Windows-v-Mac thing as it used to be possible in previous versions of Evernote for Mac Even if you were right about me having to drop my "pre-conceptions, and trying this almost as a new application" and learn "how the application wants to be used" (against which I would argue that it might be preferable to design an application to cater to the user, not the other way around, and the user expects drag-and-dropability in the sidebar because it is not only existent in other versions of Evernote but a lot of other Mac applications), the fact is that the tag view is not only very hard to read, but also not as powerful in displaying a tag hierarchy as the sidebar with its proper tree view. I had pointed out most of my concerns while Evernote 5 was still in beta stage, so the fact that they are not yet fixed a year later I think allows me to raise the issue again, which is all I am doing. How do you expect the designers to ever "put things back" or "sort out quirks" if we the users don't notify them?
  8. See screencast, expected behaviour is that "iTunes" becomes a child of "Technology". Version is Evernote 5.4.3 (build 402231) Edit: Now I realise what you mean with the second option. That does indeed work for me but I tend not to use the light grey on slightly lighter grey readability disaster that is tag view, and it seems counterintuitive that Evernote for Mac would not allow drag-and-drop management in the sidebar if it used to do that and still does on Windows.
  9. 4) In Evernote 4, the user was able to make a tag the child of another tag by dragging the intended child tag onto the intended parent tag. Evernote 5.4.3 still does not support this behaviour, effectively making it impossible to assign "new" tags (that is tags that are not yet assigned to any note but intended to be the child of another tag) from the web clipper, as this presupposes the ability to later change the tag hierarchy. It is almost as if Evernote 5 actively discourages people from using Evernote if they rely on hierarchical tags, which as far as my research is concerned is the only competitive advantage Evernote has over simply using a bibtex file and Bibdesk. Realising this is also the last straw for me why I once again revert back to Evernote 4.
  10. @trumpetg Re 3) Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I am only slightly embarrassed and very happy to at least have that feature again.
  11. I keep a back-up copy of Evernote 4 and every time I install Evernote 5, I revert to 4 after a short while. Even one year later, Evernote 5 is a huge step back in usability for me because I am a heavy tagger. As I had pointed out last year (http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30928-evernote-for-mac-public-beta-is-here/page-2), Evernote 5 is worse for people who rely on tags for mainly three reasons. Allow me to re-iterate them here on the occasion of a new release. 1) There is no visual feedback which tag you have selected in the sidebar (there is a similar issue with the notebooks, http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38315-current-notebook-not-highlighted-on-the-sidebar/). This is much better in Windows, and was better in Evernote 4. 2) The tag area in a note is ridiculously small and has become even smaller in Evernote 5. It is impossible for me to see more than one or two tags assigned to a note, even though the hierarchical tagging system would theoretically allow Evernote to be quite a powerful research tool. The tag implementation is not ideal in the Windows version, but at least there I can call a dedicated tag window to see a list of all assigned tags. Why can't we at least get that feature on the Mac. I am also still dreaming of the day where the selected tag gets highlighted in the sidebar, and all other tags assigned to that note get highlighted in a lighter gradient and we are allowed to resize the "tag area" in the note information header. 3) Evernote 5 no longer tells me in the sidebar how many notes are assigned to one tag. (Edit: Turns out I simply overlooked the option to turn that on. Back into the hole for me) Below are two screenshots for your viewing pleasure, demonstrating the tag usability gap between the current Windows and the current Mac version: Mac Windows
  12. If I run an Applescript, the Evernote window will become active, even re-appear from hiding and changing spaces (Okay, that is standard behaviour for a window that is activated). That was not the behaviour of the previous version of Evernote. There, I could run an applescript on Evernote in the background, allowing me to work on something else while Evernote was quietly doing its thing in the background.
  13. Okay, I admit, now that I know how to get the saved searches back to the sidebar, that does make a lot of sense. As others have noted, it would be good to have a more intuitive way of saving searches though - maybe the way the Finder implements it. It would be way more convenient to be able to select multiple tags in the sidebar, although I kind of like the new tag list in the main pane with its index-like look. In my everyday work, this would definitely be more a gimmick though, whereas the main filtering should be done in the sidebar. (Which I thought its purpose was) Going back to the large icons, I would clarify that I am not necessarily opposed to them, but the way it looks now, the icons are an interruption of the tag list and the notebook list, etc. It is not evident how the lists refer to the icons because they are very differently designed and not tied together. After half a day of usage, I can also note that the beta is extremely crash-happy, especially when using cmd-w to close a window. I guess this is to be expected from a beta. I and my muscle memory also think - but am too lazy too check that by re-installing it - that the old Evernote allowed to switch from, e.g. list view to snippet view - with the keyboard. I know I can reinstate that by going to my keyboard preferences, but I think Evernote should come with defaults.
  14. For me, the sidebar is a huge step back in usability. I don't need the huge icons. I navigate by tag hierarchy and the hughe icons for Notes, Notebooks, Tags, etc. destroy the harmonic layout I had for that before. I am unable to select multiple tags to cumulatively act as a filter. If I select a tag, there is no visual indicator to show that I had that highlight selected. I thought having saved searches in the sidebar was a fairly good way to navigate because both saved searches and tags effectively act as filters. It doesn't make sense to have them split up the way it is now. I found the information how many notes were assigned to each tag in the tag list to be very helpful. Many once saved searches make it back in the sidebar where they belong, the can get that too. Minor thing: The arrows are overly picky. You have to hit them just right to collapse a parent tag, or it won't collapse. I used to be able to acces the note info by hitting cmd-shift-i on the keyboard. It seems I am now forced to use the mouse for that. That slows me down. An ongoing complaint: The area reserved for showing the tags assigned to the note are still ridiculously small. That part should be user resizable. Some people use a lot of tags. I use Evernote to collect legal research and thoroughly assign a lot of tags to cases. It works well for finding them again, but I would like to easily be able to see all tags currently assigned to a note as well. As a workaround, but even better still, in addition, it would be very helpful if the sidebar tag list would subtly highlight (that is, in a lighter gradient than the one that you hopefully add to visually indicate an active selection) all tags assigned to the current note. That would make it easier to find related notes. A bug: When I am in Atlas mode and hot cmd+n, a new note will be created but the view doesn't switch to it. It should. A question: Is there an easy way to batch-edit geolocation for notes by assigning pre-defined location names to them? There should be.... Major improvent: Sidebar can now actually easily be resized. Evernote seems to remember sidebar resizing. Finally, I am not a big fan of the dark grey either. I don't mind if it is something finely textured, but the stark contrast between the sidebar and the notes pane makes it hard for me to focus my eyes on the content of the note.
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