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  1. Yes, there is diference, if you use the money to purchase apps that are minimally good at handwriting. Ever is not. Don't get me wrong I still love evernote, but the app is lacking behind. I just wanted developers took this topic more seriously.
  2. Same thing here. I cancelled my premium due to the terrible handwriting. I hate having to use different apps for notes, but evernote really doesn't do the job anymore. In the old times, Skitch was kinda good, it is no more.
  3. No official answer and the problem persists. tags are realy important for me. the only alternative left is to remove at least 2 stars and expose my frustration on Google play.
  4. Selecting multiple tags (eg. to find a specific set of notes) became hard on the new Evernote. The left bar automatically (or insistently) closes at each time you select a new tag. That's pointless in tablets, where there is plenty of space to keep the bar, and it can get very annoying even in smartphones. The tag painel/bar should stay open while I select multiple tags (and keep open in tablets). I get dizzy with all that movement!
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