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  1. It wasn't the same post, now that I remember I searched for this and after posting the first time I got a 404 error page. went back to the search results and posted wrongly on another topic about the same issue. I didn't know at the time that the first post had gone through. I apologize if my simple mistake hurted someone here. With that said, I don't think that a different post that speaks about the same topic posted by error in another thread qualifies as abusing the forum, and that you say that this action can be terminal is IMO out of the scope for this situation. I have always respected you and all the members in this community and have never gone against the rules here in the many years I have been a member.
  2. Just an atrocity that an important function like this one that was offered in previous versions of Evernote has just been removed in v.10. Now you have to search on both Spotlight and Evernote to locate your information. It is a blasphemy really. And this happened not only in macOS but also in iOS!
  3. As a reply to @PinkElephant: I have left feedback, many times. I have been doing this since they introduced the horrible nightmare that is v.10 of Evernote. How on earth can a company remove features as important as Spotlight integration in ALL platforms when releasing v10 of the product when it has been offered since the start on previous versions? It is an atrocity.
  4. For over 10 years that I have been using Evernote I have loved that you could come back fast to the notebook and note you were previously working on when opening the app. SInce the last update to v.10.8.2 you have decided that we want to start in Home when we open the app without asking us and even worst, without letting use choose if we wanted this change. Please give us the option to start the app in the latest notebook used as it has been since the start. Many of us do not use or want to use your new Home page. If you have decided to invest resources in things like Home that the vast majority of your user base didn't ask for it is your own (wrong) decision, but please don't try to shoehorn things like this into our workflow, the only thing you do is alienate your user base. It's puzzling how you dedicate resources to things like Home instead of working in really useful features like e.g., a way to create an in-note table of contents with internal note hyperlinks, something your user base have been screaming for almost since day 1 and that your competition offer years ago.
  5. This! This home thing is showing directly after starting Evernote. Why are you trying to shoehorn this new Home interface into your users without we asking for it? It's sad to see you using resources into features like this instead of putting effort in really improving the app with useful things. You are taking the Xbox One way, investing resources in useless things while the competition advances with giant steps. Let us turn this thing off or at least let us start the app in the last notebook we were working on. How can you interfere so blatantly with a proven workflow that works and that we have been using for years? This "let's do something to make everyone think we are innovating" thing is not working guys.
  6. So we are well inside the version 10 of the product and it appears that there is still no Norwegian spell checker in Evernote for desktop? 10 years, TEN, and Evernote completely dismiss the Norwegian market? How has this happened? This is super easy to implement from a developing point of view when you already have other spell check modules implemented! You really don't listen to feedback. I don't know what you have been focusing on all these past years.
  7. I paste lots of YouTube links into my notes. My notes are mostly text based. Since the update to v. 10.1 on my iPhone some hours ago Evernote is converting all the pasted YouTube links into embedded videos. How can I turn this off? I just want a simple link like I have always had. I have external apps that open the links if I need this. I don't need that EN shows me embedded videos in my notes if I don't want this. Is there a setting where I can turn this off? If so I haven't been able to find it. Please help me. It looks like version 10 has brought a ton of problems to the user base. I have been an EN premium user for 10 years and this version has already caused me several problems that I have never had before since the start.
  8. 2019, and this is still not been implemented? Why? This has been a request like, forever? So useful feature, but so little the dev team listen to the community. It’s sad, really.
  9. Just unbelievable. How could Evernote remove presentation mode from the iPhone/iPad apps? I was used to go with Evernote in iPhone in my lectures without the need to carry extra hardware. Connected the iPhone to the projector, activated presentation and voila. I could go on with the conference without needing anything else. How could they remove a so useful feature? And why has Evernote not posted even one answer to the thread after more than a year? Totally unacceptable.
  10. I don't know how long we have been waiting for this feature to happen. I don't understand why this has still not been implemented, it has been asked for multiple times by several users in this forum, like we can see in this old thread: It cannot be that hard Evernote? It appears that the layout is already in place on the HTML for implementing this, so why have you not given us this very useful function? It is a pain to administer a long note used for investigative purposes in Evernote because we don't have the ability to create an internal TOC inside a note. This is one of the main reasons I use Evernote, to gather information about a specific topic and register it in one note. You cannot expect that we use a notebook for every topic we investigate so that we can use the TOC function that is available today and only works for indexing separate notes? I do not want to use cumbersome third party services like the ones described in that old forum thread for creating TOCs within a note, this services never integrate seamlessly with Evernote and require that you give them access to your Evernote credentials, something that I don't feel comfortable with as I also have sensitive information on some of my notes. What do we have to do to get this implemented? I have been a premium user for more than 3 years and really hope that Evernote could listen to their customers.
  11. Quoting a very old comment but there aren't many threads about spell checking on the forum, this is the most complete one. The problem is most notable in the Windows client. In Mac EN uses the built in macOS spell checkers so there you'll not notice the problem. I am a premium user of EN on 3 platforms: Mac, Windows and iOS and spell check is still (amazingly after all these years) very under par on EN for Windows compared with the other platforms.
  12. I tried this and it appears to work, but the accuracy of the spell checking is not optimal. Look at the attached pic and you'll see what I mean. The options the program offers to correct a spelling mistake are just horrendous. If you write the words ok the dictionary appears to catch them, but when you right click on a misspelled word the offered choices are totally inaccurate. This is not a problem when you are writing in English or any of the other languages I have tried that are offered by the application. This is not a problem if you ONLY chose the Norwegian dictionary under options, but choosing 3 dictionaries as I need (English, Spanish and Norwegian) makes a mess of the Norwegian corrector added with the OpenOffice dictionary files. The English and Spanish ones apparently continue working ok though.
  13. Thank you. Can this dictionaries also be installed in a Mac? I am at my Mac now and would like to activate Norwegian spelling inside Evernote too.
  14. Well, it doesn't feel ok when I am paying for a premium membership. This kind of feature should not depend on voluntary work from Evernote users. I am paying for a product and I expect that it evolves with features as easy to implement as this one. This is something we Norwegian users have been asking for since the beginning. It is not acceptable that still in 2016 in a product that is already mature this simple thing has not been implemented. What kind of comintment these kind of actions show to the users that support the product paying for the payable plans?
  15. Wow. The Evernote versions continue coming out and spell checking in Norwegian language is being totally ignored! Totally unacceptable,
  16. Hello I have seen that other Nordic languages are included in the spell checker (Swedish and Danish), why is not Norwegian included also? It is very frustrating to not be able to spellcheck a note written in Norwegian when it is one of the languages I use when I work in Evernote. It is not possible either to install an external spellchecker for accomplishing this task. I hope the Evernote team follows these forums and can take into account this message. Your Norwegian users have been waiting for this ages already,
  17. +1. Desperately wanting this too on Windows, Mac and the iPhone clients.
  18. I have EN installed at home and my office. What freaks me out is that someone at work can easily dismount the hard drive, attach it to another PC and just copy the whole EN database, or just reboot the machine from a USB stick and copy all the EN data. I could maybe use something like bitlocker or other hard drive encryption but in reality this would be overkill. Most of the time it is also impossible to use hard drive encryption due to work policy where you don't have authorization or control over these kind of changes. An option to encrypt a notebook would be extremely welcome in this cases. LastPass encrypts the whole local database and is also fully searchable so I really don't understand why cannot Evernote do something like this. I will gladly pay for premium access just for this feature. I will be contacting support for letting them know. There are many users that want this. EDIT: Well, it looks like it is not possible to contact them directly if you are not a premium customer. The only option I had on the support pages was "Ask the community". Ridiculous that it is not possible to give them feedback. I wonder how much the EN official employers monitor this forum.
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