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  1. Watch this: w00t, I'm indented! OMG, some generic forum software is more capable than Evernote. Do these options look familiar: Rocket science for sure. Or gmail: Not much in the way of "note" in Evernote, eh? I actually had to write something in gmail then paste it into Evernote to get the functionality I wanted. Sad.
  2. The evernote web clipper is nifty. But when it's done clipping it gives me this silly dialog that tells me "Clipped such-and-such page", with options to "Open in Evernote", "Related Notes", and various sundry. I don't want to see any of that. When I press the Save button, I want it to do its work and GO AWAY. Simple, like google. Can I please get a config option so that I don't have to see this annoying dialog _every time_? Thanks.
  3. Seriously guys. It took me 2 years of cajoling and fervent prayer to finally see a highlight feature on Mac. What a miracle. Do I wait another 2 years until (gasp) indent functionality? Unbelievable.
  4. Ok, I just have to reply to this one. I cannot believe this still hasn't been implemented. Look, all I ask for is this: give me the same formatting options that I get with gmail. I don't need anything more complicated than that. Is this some kind of rocket science? I seem to check back every year and this still isn't done. Here's a quote from a recent email I received from Evernote, touting how great the product apparently is: Five years and tens of millions of users later, people have done more with Evernote than we could have ever dreamed. They've used our products to plan vacations, stay organized at school, run their businesses, and just about everything in between. Please don't send me emails like that until you can get some basic stuff working. --Kai M.
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