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  1. in the shared note when it does not appear when creating or viewing the note? 2. How to avoid it? 1. Why is the vertical line appearing
  2. My problems are not over. When I use the same link (https://www.evernote.com/client/web#?anb=true&) for two different accounts, Account Summary for each indicate that I am using the beta version, but only the Plus account renders Notebooks correctly, i.e., correctly, with Notebooks nested in stacks. However, this Basic account does not render any stacks, instead listing all notebooks in order (e.g., A-Z); and furthermore, lists one notebook (Chromecast) twice, with one indicating correctly (8) notes, the other indicating (0) notes. I noted in my earlier post that clearing
  3. I tried Evernote Web [beta] again this morning with the link https://www.evernote.com/client/web#?anb=true&amp and still got no stacks and one notebook, Chromecast, with two listings: one indicating (8) notes, the other (0) notes. When I clicked the one with (0), it immediately disappeared and the list of 8 notes appeared under the one with (8). I tried again later, after clearing caches in the Firefox browser and got what I should get, a listing with stacks.
  4. Thanks for the informative reply. I've been a casual Evernote user since 2012 and may have used/forgotten it way back when. Too bad its useless for notebooks with more than 10-12 notes, as I like it's functionality.
  5. A 'symbol' marking system with sorting as in Gmail might be useful; e.g., colored stars, ♦ ♥ ✓ β Δ ƒ .
  6. That's not what I see. No expanding/collapsing stacks, just a list of notebooks each of which may be expand to display a list of notes contained therein.
  7. This weekend, while setting up an account with which to share some notebooks, somehow I was served a link to a different UI for Evernote Web. I can't explain exactly how I acquired it. Above is the left 2/3 of the UI. The right 1/3 displays the selected note. This is the URL: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s61/share/190ab-s61/#st=p&n=a0de6513-7ca9-41a3-b414-9dd587520b06 One problem with it is that it isn't handling, properly, notebook lists with more than a dozen notes. E.g., if I have a notebook with 47 notes, the first 10-12 will appear, but when I try to scroll t
  8. Formatting differs when viewed in Chrome browsers on MacBook Air and iPad (same link in both examples, attached).
  9. Here's my problem: the button covers part of Title in a shared document.
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