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  1. I type , say, 5AM, and Evernote makes this a 'hyperlink'?! If I want a hyperlink, I'll create one, thank you very much! Evernote has no business assuming ANYTHING here. BTW, how do I disable that behaviour? Many thanks PS: this is Evernote on IOS.
  2. I have been using dark theme in Evernote for IOS for a while now and want to do the same in Windows 10 but I can find the command to execute this. There's a dark theme for the left column...is it possible there's no option for the whole app to go dark yet?
  3. Every time I open Evernote in IOS, it opens in the same note, not set by me. How can I set the default note for Evernote to open in? Many thanks.
  4. Many thanks Dave, Makes perfect sense and I have now resolved the issue. Guy
  5. first time I see a notebook greyed out in Evernote for Windows (8.1). Right-clicking, the dialog tells me it's a local notebook... How'd that happen that it doesn't sync with my other devices (iphone and ipad), and how do I fix it? Many thanks
  6. just saved a page to Evernote. didn't find it in the folder I have been using for very many months. saved again. still didn't find the page in Evernote. looked at where Evernote had saved the page. Found out Evernote had saved the page to a folder called 'Medical'. I never created that folder. Evernote people thought it fit to double--guess users, it seems. users don't need this sort of trying much much too hard. I set Evernote to save to a given folder. Evernote please don't presume to create 'clever' filing that OVERRIDES WHAT I HAVE PREVIOUSLY SET UP. thank you.
  7. I just clipped a page, and by chance, noticed that in settings, notebook selection was on smart filing rather than my chosen default to a specific folder. I didn't change the setting. possibly, there was an Evernote update and my setting was over-written? Anyway, software using its discretion to flip to another setting really gets my goat...
  8. There doesn't seem to be colour on IOS - or am I missing something? I routinely use colour to code headings in my notes when working in Evernote for Windows, but I don't seem to have this option in IOS? Is this on the cards?
  9. I'm keen to know what's in store for the next version of Evernote for IOS. Any insider info?
  10. I have a premium account and the first bit of my Evernote email address is my full name followed by a long number. I wonder whether there is scope for cleaning up my email address to the effect of removing that number?
  11. Hi Evernote touch, I have seen in one post, may be just an experiment for Evernote? The software looks great but clearly needs developing. The interface is vastly better than the standard Windows version. Vastly. It really looks like next generation computing. Make it easier to display the toolbar at the bottom (font, bold, italics etc.), easier to import pics etc. and Evernote touch should take off. I'm using E. touch in conjunction with the classic Windows version, because in the latter, pasting images is a doddle. No loss of data experienced so far - fingers crossed. Can we get a clear-cut response from Evernote as to whether they intend to continue supporting E. touch? Many thanks Guy Cruls
  12. I have seen a video on youtube showing an Evernote widget displayed in IOS 8's Notifications panel. I have IOS 8 on my iphone and my Evernote is up to date, but the widget doesn't display.
  13. As I was working today, the dropdown menu arrow against just four of my numerous notebooks disappeared, stopping me from viewing the notes inside each. Each notebook has several notes inside, 1, 15, 19 and 3 - figures showing between brackets right of each notebook's name. I can access the notes by using the search facility, but this is extremely inconvenient. How can I get the arrow that normally display in front of these notebooks to show again? Thank you.
  14. thanks gazumped. using scaling makes Evernote's toolbar and menu legible, yes - and that's nice. However, Google Chrome environment looks fuzzy. Word and other MS apps do look sharp. Menus and toolbars in Adobe apps other than Indesign and Lightroom remain absolutely tiny, although drop-down menus do increase in size - odd. From what I have read on Adobe forums, it is about manufacturers still having to offer support for screens of a very high definition - Indesign and Lightroom, which display normally on my screen, show that it is simply a matter of implementation. I have seen a post on Adobe forums by an Adobe engineer that they are working on this. I have gone off topic talking about apps other than Evernote, but thought others might find it helpful.
  15. I have a new laptop, with a wonderful high definition of 3200 x 1800. Downside: several apps display toolbars, menus and other features on an absolutely minuscule scale. And that includes Evernote. I don't suppose there's a cure for that? Many thanks
  16. My new laptop has a 3200 x 1800 screen resolution, and the evernote toolbar (bold, italic etc.) symbols are absolutely minuscule. Any way I can make them larger? Thanks
  17. Why does Evernote online display the dots of the password when I go to the login page? Hit the Enter key and indeed you're in! And Evernote tells us they're concerned about our privacy? And no, I didn't tick some button asking if I wanted to remain logged in for a week. I use Evernote online at work, at the office, and it is quite common for a fellow worker to use my computer. There is here a HIGH risk of someone taking a look inside my numerous notebooks and notes. UNACCEPTABLE.
  18. Hello, (evernote in Windows 8) the only way I know to order notes is, at the top of a list of notes inside a notebook, to right-click the icon for - List, Snippet, Card, Sort notes by - select the latter and choose which type of order I want. Problem is, this cascades to notes in other notebooks! Now, the thing is, if you do have a number of notebooks, sooner or later, you will want to apply different types of note filing - alphabetical, chronological etc. Am I missing something or is it indeed the case that only one type of ordering is available at any one time across all notebooks? Many thanks
  19. Thanks GrumpyMonkey. In my frustration, I forgot to spell out the problem: I have a new, windows 8 laptop, and when I try to sync evernote, a dialog pops up stating: Internet Explorer in is offline mode. Evernote cannot synchronize your notes while internet explorer is in offline mode. Please start Internet Explorer, open the file menu and uncheck work offline. I have rummaged the options under the file menu in internet explorer but cannot find a work offline option to check or uncheck. Thanks for the link, GrumpyMonkey. I must politely disagree with your opinion (clearly you do have one where members answers are concerned): It is not for nothing that forum members have various types of status. If a member does not have the knowledge to address another member's issue, then clearly they should refrain. I should think this is common sense, just as it would be common sense for senior members like you to state so. I would expect senior members and moderators to enforce such standards. Seeking an answer on a forum should not be an exercise in frustration, but rather one of asking a question and either receiving blow by blow solution or nothing at all. That is not an opinion, it is common sense. One can have opinions about qualitative things; about technical things one either does or does not know. Since the forum seems to value subjective input as much as objective input, I shall from now on go to technical support and other places rather than here.
  20. Because of the Internet Explorer setting I am unable to sync. This is the second post I create about this, because the forum is NOT friendly where finding your own, existing posts is concerned. I have received a post from gazumped stating I can change the offline setting in Explorer. I did not find the setting. Please, please, please: unless you have the perfect answer, do not anwer to the present post: I need a solution, not an opinion. Many thanks.
  21. thanks gazumped. I can confirm that IE goes online fine. not sure I understood your question - or how this relates to my evernote issue..
  22. Hello, I have just acquired a new, Windows 8, laptop, and downloaded Evernote. When I click the Evernote icon to get it started I get the following dialog box: Could not connect to server You need to be online to register or perform an initial sync. Please check your internet connection. My internet connection is fine - and fast. I have also logged in to Evernote online, with all my files displaying normally. I don't understand what's going on. Many thanks Guy Cruls
  23. Can the default email address be changed? Many thanks Guy Cruls Premium account
  24. I am beside myself with rage. How does Evernote DARE to collaborate with O2, my mobile supplier, in letting them place offers in MY evernote account. I VERY VERY VERY VERY much hope evernote can tell me that I can stop these offers RUINING my evernote experience. Thanks for nothing.
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