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  1. Thanks. The pictures have always been present in my Evernote on Windows and IOS, and, predictably, the images are present on the online version as well. I installed Evernote on my Macbook several weeks ago, leaving it several times open hours, and so by now some of the pictures should have come through. This suggests that the solution is still out there.
  2. I'm still new to the MacOS ecosystem, and so, maybe I'm missing something... As the title of this post indicates, images inserted in my notes do not display in MacOS, as the screengrab below shows. Any ideas on how to resolve this? Many thanks
  3. Hello, As the title intimates, the photos in my notes do not show, instead placeholders are showing: In the notes' previews, the placeholder is a paperclip, in the notes I get a light grey band with the name of the image file's name. Many thanks
  4. Quite a number of apps haven't been optimised for the MacBook Air M1 yet. Is that the case for Evernote for Mac? I am new to Mac and am still confused as to how it stores applications, notably downloaded applications: this morning I upgraded MacOS and the icon Evernote had created on the desktop had disappeared and I had to reinstall the app. Anyone has experience using Evernote on the MacBook (whether Air or Pro) M1 and has advice?
  5. Can I remove 'Recents' from 'Shortcuts'? If yes, how? Got Evernote on Windows, IOS as well as Android.
  6. The background image is great but it is mostly obfuscated by widgets - removable but I like them. I wonder whether there is scope to make the NOTES and SCRATCHPAD widgets semi transparent, when not in use; this would allow the user to enjoy more of their background picture.
  7. I type , say, 5AM, and Evernote makes this a 'hyperlink'?! If I want a hyperlink, I'll create one, thank you very much! Evernote has no business assuming ANYTHING here. BTW, how do I disable that behaviour? Many thanks PS: this is Evernote on IOS.
  8. I have been using dark theme in Evernote for IOS for a while now and want to do the same in Windows 10 but I can find the command to execute this. There's a dark theme for the left column...is it possible there's no option for the whole app to go dark yet?
  9. Every time I open Evernote in IOS, it opens in the same note, not set by me. How can I set the default note for Evernote to open in? Many thanks.
  10. Many thanks Dave, Makes perfect sense and I have now resolved the issue. Guy
  11. first time I see a notebook greyed out in Evernote for Windows (8.1). Right-clicking, the dialog tells me it's a local notebook... How'd that happen that it doesn't sync with my other devices (iphone and ipad), and how do I fix it? Many thanks
  12. just saved a page to Evernote. didn't find it in the folder I have been using for very many months. saved again. still didn't find the page in Evernote. looked at where Evernote had saved the page. Found out Evernote had saved the page to a folder called 'Medical'. I never created that folder. Evernote people thought it fit to double--guess users, it seems. users don't need this sort of trying much much too hard. I set Evernote to save to a given folder. Evernote please don't presume to create 'clever' filing that OVERRIDES WHAT I HAVE PREVIOUSLY SET UP. thank you.
  13. I just clipped a page, and by chance, noticed that in settings, notebook selection was on smart filing rather than my chosen default to a specific folder. I didn't change the setting. possibly, there was an Evernote update and my setting was over-written? Anyway, software using its discretion to flip to another setting really gets my goat...
  14. There doesn't seem to be colour on IOS - or am I missing something? I routinely use colour to code headings in my notes when working in Evernote for Windows, but I don't seem to have this option in IOS? Is this on the cards?
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