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  1. Yeah, even though Grumpy is trying to be fair and balanced, which is nice, the design is just truly much worse. Not just designed for a specific type of user. Here's a very simple example. Notebooks used to be displayed on the side by default. You could create notebooks directly in stacks, expand the stacks etc. Now that's gone and there is a bunch of extra space in the sidebar. We can add shortcuts, but you can't fold up the stacks, or create notebooks within the stacks or drag notebooks from one to the other or anything. That stuff has to be done on the new dedicated notebook page. It's just silly.
  2. Grumpy monkey I think your name betrays you. You are not grumpy enough! You re being a little too kind here, but I certainly respect that. However I must disagree with you that it isn't a bad design. An application that requires a disproportionate amount of input to see and access information is not a good design. But you hit the nail on the head when you brought up information density. This is the main problem and it is getting worse rather than better. So perhaps you are right that it is targeted at different types if users, that is, users who prefer to have more clutter while having less direct access to information. I find it unlikely that many people would prefer this workflow that requires more user input to navigate and view information though. More likely is that they re trying it be creative and come up with interesting redesigns. The problem is that these new designs are not very functional, are less nutritive and use up more space to do less.
  3. I honestly don' t understand what's going on with Evernote. The desktop Evernote was perfect. The notebooks in their various stacks were listed down the side. I could instantly click the note I wanted open. Now they've replaced the sidebar with different categories such as notebooks, tags etc. and the notebook show up staggered in the main view where you no longer have the tree view on the side for easy access. Why would they ruin it like this? I also waited forever for the simple tree view in the ipad app and instead we got this view of notebooks spread across the screen in, and notes in a similar fashion. I had a notebook open and actually had to scroll to see just 5 different notes! because they were made on different days and started with different letters. Five notes were too big to fit in a single screen on an ipad. Just crazy. And now the desktop app is going this way. Horrible use of space and totally cluttered. Are they going to change the iphone app now too? I assume the PC app will get the awful redesign too. I just don't think I enjoy the design anymore. Can anyone recommend an alternative that works on Mac and PC desktops and also the ipad and iphone? Something with a reasonable list view of stacks and just a simple uncluttered interface like the old Evernote desktop. thanks
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