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  1. Now I cannot open Evernote. I get message your local EN data is being managed by a newer version of EN, please use the latest v As before Mac OS 10.13.6. FF 75.0. re-installed EN latest version 2 days ago
  2. thanks. but I am getting no result for every page I clip, many different sites. so there would be no point in upgrading to Premium? I would be able to submit a ticket but there might not be an answer yet to this problem
  3. Web clipper is not adding notes to my EN local. Says syncing but then a black square with 'No result' This has been many pages for over a week now . Pages appear in my EN web but not local. macOS HS. EN just re-installed 7.14. web clipper 6.13.3. Firefox 75.0 in the support page there is no live link to submit a ticket I cannot see any way to contact Evernote
  4. Web clipper add-on for Firefox 13.01 on Mac. When I open options, the Send clips to Evernote web is selected. Cannot change to 'EN on your desktop', it is greyed out. I downloaded latest desktop client - 3.1.2 (257203) and have enabled 3rd party cookies. It clips OK to web version. Mac OS Lion 10.7.4. should I try appCleaner and then re-install? would I need to backup EN database first?
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