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  1. There are some good responses, and some that are a bit less. History has shown that nothing is hack-proof, but in Evernote's case, there has been pretty good encryption (hash and salt) on passwords, so I think if you have a good password, and, even better, two factor authentication, your data is pretty safe. The only completely safe option, is everything in Local Notebooks, and back then up yourself. This does tend to remove the biggest feature of Evernote, so just using text files on a USB stick will be the safest, unless the USB stick gets lost or stolen. There is no perfect solution, but for me Evernote is safe enough for my needs.
  2. I run multiple computers, including two ChromeOS devices such as the Chromebox I am using now. I spend a lot of time offline, so the Evernote web page is often not available. The Android for Chrome app worked, but as a letterbox in the middle of the screen, less than perfect. Then, a few months ago, it just stopped working on both my ChromeOS devices. A few weeks ago, it began working again. In the last 24 hours it has begun to default to full screen. This makes it look a lot nicer. The fonts look better, because they are spread across more pixels. It looks like it belongs, because it is full screen. I was amazed at how many features designed for Android worked on Chrome, including voice capture on some devices. I suspect it will now become a significant part of my business process. Enjoy!
  3. Mark the reminder feature is there in the web client on my Samsung Chromebook. A little alarm clock on the top-right of the note. And you can add a link by popping a note out into a new window, copying the URL and adding it as a link to any text. My problem is my Chromebook is offline a fair bit, and that makes Evernote unusable while offline. I can keep a note open, and edit it, but If I close it, my notes are lost. I am Using Google Keep and Docs a lot more now.
  4. This is a very old thread, but in the interests of keeping up to date... I own a number of PCs and Laptops, and a Samsung Chromebook. I love the Chromebook. It is light, cheap and fast. I can Access (Google) Documents, Calendar, Mail and notes (Keep) offline and online. I recently spent 3 days travelling with no network connection and watched video and listened to audio stored on a USB stick and in 16Gb of local storage. I edited documents, read and replied to e-mail (sent when I re-connected) and, finally used my Android phone as a hot-spot to connect me to the Internet and sync back up. Evernote was, I regret, not part of this, unless I was online. I am still deciding in Evernote everywhere is more important that the fast, simple and reliable ChromeOS experience. In the meantime, I am moving contacts and key information into Google Drive as docs I can access offline in and emergency. A Chrome App would be a HUGE undertaking, re-writing even PART of the Evernote experience in Javascript is daunting. But the result would be access to Evernote for everyone with a browser. Welcome to Linux, ChomeOS and who knows else... Regards, Phil S
  5. Six hour later: I could not get the Windows client to see the files on the Web and Android clients. I created a new folder in the web client, and began dragging the "invisible" files over, two at a time, and syncing. In each case the files appeared in the Windows client, until the number of files in the new folder reached 30, then a file got dropped. I was moving files, so I moved it back (in the browser client) and synced. the numbers matched again. I began moving files, one at a time and syncing. at about 40 files in the folder, they began disappearing (not syncing in the Windows client) despite repeated attempts. I tried another folder, and similar things happened. My Evernote database is now a shambles, but tags will help me sort things back again. The Browser client (Windows and Linux, Firefox and Chrome) remains consistent. My Android tablet matches the numbers. Nixnote, an open-source Linux client syncs perfectly, and finds all notes. Presently, my web clients (Windows and Linux, Firefox and Chrome) and Android and Nixnote (Linux) all count 133 notes, the Windows (ver client on Windows 7 with current updates sees 87 notes. I commented today in another thread that the Android 4.1 update (note links working) was going to result in me moving to a premium account. I don't think that will change, because I use Linux and Android more than Windows. But the inability of the Windows client (written by Evernote) to preserve data is a little worrying. I would appreciate comments from anyone... Phil S.
  6. I have a similar problem. I have just moved about sixty notes from folders to one new folder using the web client. I have now booted into Windows and syncronised the client Ver (several times) and it shows the new folder and tags I have created, but about 60 notes are missing. They are visible in the Web client on the same machine, The web client says I have 138 notes, The Windows client shows 64 notes. Another machine also shows 138 notes, as does my Android tablet. A note created in the Windows client is visible everywhere. Regards, Phil S.
  7. Thank you, note links not working on Android has been a deal breaker for me until now. I will become a premium member this week, and move to Evernote as my main management tool. Thanks again. Phil S.
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