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  1. Hello. I'd like to report a bug. I am using Evernote for Outlook on Outlook 2016 on Windows 7 Enterprise through my workplace's Office 356 subscription. Whenever I try to clip an email, the subject line of the email is copied to the title of the new Evernote note. I often want to add text before the subject line of the email in the Evernote note title. When I try to type at the beginning of the title of the note in the Evernote for Outlook window, the cursor keeps jumping to the end of the line after every character I type. Thus, I've had to type my additional text at the end of the line (after the email subject) and then copy and paste that text at the beginning (before the email subject). Please fix this bug. Thank you! Otherwise, this is a great app!
  2. I am having the same problem. My web clipper has always worked perfectly, and then it started crashing two days ago. It crashes when I try to clip things, and sometimes when I restart Chrome the extension is not even loading, and then I have to go into Extensions and reload it, but then it still won't clip properly. Here are my specs: Win 8 Pro 64 bit using web clipper through Chrome version 32.0.1700.68 beta-m Should I just switch to the stable version of Chrome, instead of using the beta? Thank you so much for your help, as I, too, cannot live without the web clipper!
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