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  1. Hello! I have been an Evernote user for more than a decade and I have more than 21,000 notes. I have been waiting for task management within Evernote for so long (and I have used many workarounds and integrations to achieve this), and I am really enjoying the Tasks feature so far. I would love for this to be able to replace my regular, sophisticated task manager so that Evernote could be my all-in-one. Here are a few essential functions that are needed to replace a full-fledged task manager. Apologies if some of these features have already been mentioned above, as this thread is very long already, so I didn't have a chance to read the whole thing. Multi-select and bulk editing of tasks (e.g. select multiple tasks and change the due date, complete them, flag them, or move them to a different note in bulk) Recurring tasks (already mentioned above) implemented in two ways: calendar-based recurrence and completion-based recurrence Web URLs in the name of a task need to be clickable (in the same way they are in normal note text). My present workaround is to copy and paste the web link below the task in the note, but this requires me to go into the note and scroll to the task to be able to click the link. Clicking on the note link in the task should jump to the part of the note where the task is located. Right now, the link goes to the top of the note and the user then has to scroll all the way down to find the task manually. The ability to tag individual tasks independently from the container note's tags Filtering tasks by tag on the note or tags on the task (if task-level tags are implemented) Sorting tasks, not just filtering tasks Combinations of sorting and filtering (e.g. grouping and sorting) Sub-tasks or the ability to indent tasks in lists within notes Descriptions on individual tasks (separate text box from the container note) Multiple levels of flags (e.g. priority levels or multiple colors of flags) Thank you so much in advance for considering these feature requests and apologies again if someone has already mentioned any of these above. I'm very excited about the future of Tasks, and thank you so much again for bringing us awesome new features in Evernote!
  2. Thanks! I just chatted with someone in support on the web. I sent them my logs and the person said that Evernote is aware of the issue and is working on it. Here is the workaround that the support person said to do, and I have confirmed that this works on my phone. I hope this helps you all as well! Upon checking, I can confirm that the issue you're experiencing is the same issue that other users are encountering. Please know that we're currently aware of this issue and working on a fix at this time. In the meantime, please try the following to mitigate the problem: 1. Rename your default notebook using Evernote Web evernote.com/Login.act… on a computer or by using your mobile device's browser in desktop mode. 2. Go to the Google Play Store and check for updates to Evernote. If you have one, update the app. 3. If you don't have an update, sign out and sign into Evernote 4. Verify if new notes now save in your default notebook.
  3. I also have this same problem, and I am unable to take a photo with the app on my Android phone either. I'm not a developer, but I think there might be a bug in the permissions. The storage permission for the app gives media/camera permission, but not permission for all files. I think this might be why the app cannot save anything new, but can still retrieve older web-based content for viewing. It's the difference between loading a webpage in your browser (old notes) vs. saving a file on your phone (new notes). Could you let me know what permissions do you see under Storage for the app on your device? This will help me confirm whether my theory is correct. If there are any developers seeing this post, please double check that the permissions are coded correctly. Thank you!
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