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  1. I want location auto-title for my notes. Please help!
  2. I really want the Evernote to suggest note titles based on location only. I don't want Autotitle based on Calendar events so I suggest to have them as separate options. If possible, let's have Auto-title based on location and also having the option not to include the GPS coordinates. This may increase the privacy.
  3. Great suggestion! I used the free and good Notepad++ to search out the question marks.
  4. I had been forced to migrate from Palm PIMs e.g. Tungsten to BlackBerry PIMs e.g. Storm to Microsoft Outlook Notes to text files then finally arriving at Evernote using the Import Folders feature. There was no easy way to export from MS Notes into MS OneNote despite them being from the same company. During the migration from Outlook Notes to text files, unicode / UTF-8 characters had been reduced to question marks e.g. "???". I hope to search out these question marks in Evernote so I can manually copy and paste the characters written in other languages. Currently Evernote on Windows Desktop does not respond to searches for question marks.
  5. Happy to say that the note count problem is resolved now. I have 144 notes shared to me. I have 9819 notes myself, which shows on my iPhone. I have 9963 notes showing on my Windows Desktop Evernote. 9819 + 144 = 9963.
  6. Evernote on Windows desktop counts more notes than Evernote on iPhone. Evernote on Desktop counts Notes (9949). Evernote on iPhone counts Notes (9819). The iPhone counts 130 less notes. What could be the reason? Shared notebooks? Online only notebooks? How is the count calculated?
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