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  1. +1 on a Linux client, I have been suffering with the slowness of the web interface and the lose of its tab among other +100 tabs :| Not to mention offline access... Can't we all just contribute to the NixNote one at least ? Can any body here invite one of its developers to give us a kick start on code base while evaluating what features/enhancements are on top of priories list...
  2. Thank you very much for this astonishing service, I have been an Evernote user for over a year. The need for an automatic logging out should not be related to physical availability around the PC, but rather a remote logging out/session termination possibility. For example, when I accidentally forget to log out my Gmail account on some computer (i.e. session), I can close all opened sessions on all computers any time. I understand that at the end, the desktop application stores notes locally and thus even if the account could be remotely logged out their may be potential risk of getting your notes read (just plainly, or getting them decrypted if they are already encrypted (?)), but at least it is some step instead of getting all your notes exposed to any user that can just bypass the CTRL + L screen. More over, I myself realized that my Windows application could still log in to all my notes after 12 months of not opening the whole OS. (Was only using the web application on another OS for all this time), I think implementing some kind of session expiration would be a very valuable security feature.
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