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  1. I regret upgrading, and I won't upgrade on my other computers until I hear this is fixed! I googled "evernote 6 all white?" and landed here. It is awful. Please at least let us do some customization! Since the way to do arbitrary html on notes is through the back door, and this is documented, I wonder if there is a similar back door that we could hack to change the background of the primary views, also?
  2. Thanks for this thread. I thought I was going crazy, not being able to rediscover how I made green links in EN to other notes without going through a browser. I had not done this for months, so missed the changes. To summarize, using source = the note where I want the green link, target = the note I should get to by clicking on the green link, what works for me now in EN 5.5.1 (402628 Direct) on OS X 10.9.3 (13D65) is either of these two actions: open my source note in a second window, drag my target note to the source, I get a nice green link with the text set to the title of my target note, which is fine. ctl-opt-click on target note to see Copy Classic Note Link on the menu, pick that, go to source link, paste, I get the same green linkI can edit the text of the green link by moving the cursor with the arrow keys and typing inside the word (not on either end, that wont work) and then deleting the original letters once I have the text that I want. I never noticed this behavior before but it might be standard os x behavior: if you ctl-click once, and let go, the floating menu stays up. You can then repeatedly press/unpress the opt key to see the menuitem change between Copy Note Link and Copy Classic Note Link.
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