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  1. Evernote is not allowing to edit encrypted notes after decrypting. Can't add new characters or remove the existing. Using the most recent version of the app in Android 5.0.1.
  2. Hello I am encountering this bug since few updates. The reproducibility of this bug report is 100% How to reproduce : Create a note in the Desktop App and add bullet point or check box in it and encrypt the same. Edit the note in the mobile application. I think, this bug can be reproduced even without adding bullet points or check boxes. Please fix this bug soon.
  3. Hi Dominik I like your app so much, it was very handy to sync notes from my Android Mobile Phone to my Desktop Notes. I'll be very happy if evernote integrate such an useful feature in it's App it self. Because, even after moving some important reminders in notes form from my mobile phone to my Laptop via Evernote App, i have to desperately open it in my laptop and has to find what has changed and what is new in a sea of so many other notes, there is no distinguishing method to see newly created notes or there is no "in your face alarms" also in.. But, the sticky notes app easily shows all the notes in our desktop it self, so i never miss, but i also won't keep so many notes in my desktop. so, i can easily catch new once.. But Evernote Sticky Notes no longer syncing with my Evernote Account. Here is the error. Exception of type "Evernote.EDAM.Error.EDAMUserException" was thrown. I hope you release fix soon via an update.
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