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  1. I'm seeing the same issue of not being able to view PDFs attached to some notes. Most of my notes work OK, and I can view the attached PDF with the built-in viewer or I can check "Always show PDF documents as attachments" and see it in the note that way. Some of my notes do not show the attachments as an icon in the note or as an inline PDF document. For example, one note shows on the status bar: Images: 5; PDF: 2; Size: 362 KB None of those attachments show up as icons within the note, and the PDF attachments do not show up as icons or inline (i.e., doesn't matter what "Always show PDF documents as attachments" is set to). If I right-click the note and do Save Attachments then I can save them locally and view them. Just can't get at them directly from the Evernote UI. This is all with Evernote on a Windows 8 Enterprise edition PC. On my ThunderBolt phone running Android 4.0.4 and Evernote, I can see the note is there, but there is no indication that it has attachments, but since I know they are there the Save Attachments does work on this device. But I have to know they are there first. On my Lenovo ThinkPad tablet, running Android 4.0.3 and Evernote, it much like on the phone, but at least the listing for the notebook which contains this note has a "9" beside it to indicate that it has attachments. There is another note in this same notebook that has 5 images attached and they appear inline just fine with that note. I am a Premium user of Evernote. Is there a bug reporting system I should put this in?
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