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  1. Fully agree !. A decent answer would be in place here; I asked this several times but never got an answer... Please support doe something about this !
  2. When I add an attachment in the desktp GUI and synch to the web OR attach a file in the Web GUI I want to see that as attachment and not expanded to the full file. Why is that option greyed out and only PDF's are shown as attachment? Thanks
  3. I fully agree and I'm waiting for a decent answer from Evernote support. Even a "will put it on the todo list" would be an answer....
  4. Running Evernote V5, but problem was already present in V4 on Windows 7. After synching a notebook containing pdf attachments to the web, the attachments show both as attachment with the expanded view right behind it. In the desktop version they show only as attachment as intended. Maybe it's just a setting, but I couldn't find it.... Does someone have an idea? Thanks, Karel Claessens (Premium).
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