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  1. Is there a memory leak in the beta? I had Evernote on for a few days and now its at 12 GB of memory use. Never noticed this behaviour before.
  2. From a work science standpoint I can see the benefit of separation. Search must be working through both at the same time if I want to. What makes the TABS difficult for me now is that they disappear when I change between work and private account. In General I like them thous, its much cleaner then cluttering everything with double clicked extra windows for multiple notes. I love the TABS. Positive is that the is a note move between the private and business accounts again and not the copy and delete workaround. I did not believe myself first how often I move notes between the two.
  3. I really would need the feature to have the offline notebooks on the external SD on my Galaxy Note. Internal is pretty cramped already. Please Evernote Team, address this!
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