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  1. Ah, thanks. I've already tried that but i had a space after the ":". Without it works )
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to set up my todos via an Evernote Eisenhower Matrix using 5 tags: important, not-important, urgend, not-urgend, z_undone. I've created safed searches zu show me all tasks that are important and urgend, and so on. BUT I have one issue: I'd need one search that'll show me only the notes that have only the Tag "z_undone", to have some sort of inbox i could process. I don't know how to this. If I try a search with tag:"z_undone" I see not only those but even those which are already considered as urgend... Can you help me on that?! Thanks! Cheers Ben
  3. Hi there, i'm pretty sure that (before i switched to MAC) I was able to search handwritten stuff stored in PDFs, but now it seems as this is not longer working. I'm not sure if I'm crazy. Is this possible? If so: what have I done wrong?! I could convert all that stuff to JPGs or PNGs but... then I'll have a lot of singe pictures in one note and I don't like that that much. Thanks for help! Ben
  4. Allright, the right code is: Case "/O=MAIL/OU=DE/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=KUBISO" tmpString = "KUBISO" the next issue is that I've like to save mails from different senders having all the same kind of scheme (like the above), but the above one is a static one. I'd like to have it with a variable (at the point where KUBISO stands). Any chance to get this working?
  5. Hi Olli, thanks a lot - but this section doesn't help me a lot. It just seems not to be working. I've entered there: "/O=MAIL/OU=DE_CN/RECIPIENTS_CN=BACHMANNBE" but I'm not sure if that's the correct string. If I press answer or forward Outlook is just showing the correct senders information.:/
  6. Hi Olli, this is quite nice! I have just some issues with the Sendernames the naming of the txt/mail-files. The files look like "20131213__O=MAIL_OU=DE_CN=RECIPIENTS_CN=BACHMANNBE_WG_Einstellung_zum_01._Oktober_2013.txt" at my side. Any Idea how I can get a Sendername out of that? Sorry - if my english is not that good... Cheers, Ben
  7. Hi Olli, thanks for writing this. This seems to be really nice - but... I got one issue with that: I don't get the .bas-file imported into Oultook (2013). Any idea how to solve that? Cheers, Ben //I got the importing done... :-)
  8. Hi there, I've got the issue that I'm getting lots of mail with big attachments that increase the size of my mailbox even more then I'd like to. My idea was to save selected attachments to Evernote, delete them in the mail and then leave a link to the attachment in Evernote there. Doing this manually is quite a pain in the ass. Did anyone ever had the same idea and found some good / automatic workflow for that? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Ben
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply; i'm going to follow you on twitter - even so i use it rarely :-o Waiting for your blogpost :-) Cheers
  10. Hi, may I ask you a question: which app are you using for MYN? I've trying to use this as well but I don't like toodledo. I feel like in the 90s if i use it :-o Cheers
  11. Hmm.. Gonna see if i find someone that uses Livescriber where i can try it out :-) TY
  12. Hi there, thanks for your replys. I'll already tried to write on the iPad itself but it's just not the same. Going to try some scan app (JotNot Pro) and seeing if that's working for me. The thing with Shot Note looks interessting. I'm going to see if i can manage to get one of that blocks in germany
  13. Hi there, I'm using Evernote quite for a while, but I never managed to use it at work for taking notes at business meetings and stuff. Those notes I just take with a normal paperbased notebook (I tried that on my iPad, but the feeling is just not the same). My idea would be to get all those handwritten notes into Evernote, but i've never really managed to get a good workflow for that. How are you guys doing that? Are you using some handwriting App for the iPad or are you just getting pictures of your notes and attach them? The issues with pictures i have is, that i cannot really search for that Evernote. It's not recognizing my handwriting at all. Thanks for some idead and cheers hubutz
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