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  1. 🙂All though, I don't have that particular problem you are showing, I did update my phone's iOS to 14.5 and the problem I had, (which was the customize> change background picture not staying ) got fixed. Now the picture stays in the top of my Home section.
  2. I figure this is a work in progress. I still like a lot of the features that Evernote has to offer. Ive used it since 2012. I'm premium, too. When they've come into a conflict, they work it out. Just recently, I was waiting for the change background photo feature in Home in IOS to work. It took a couple of times for the photo to "stick" on my iPhone and my iPad. Eventually, it did.. But it took a few hours. It also took me a while to get the hang of Apple Pencil in Evernote. I just kept trying and I eventually got that to work. .
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