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  1. There is another issue with this rotation feature that causes data loss for users with free accounts, or that are up against their upload quota. I have 3 images totalling 8.4 MB in a note that I took with my phone. If I rotate the images, they grow in size and the note size grows accordingly. When rotating the 3rd image, I get a notice that I would be exceeding my max of 25MB per note, and the image I just tried to rotate is gone - disappears. The note goes from having 3 attachments to having only 2. I've reproduced this several times and logged a ticket with Evernote support. I believe this could also affect users who are about to upload the note if it grows large enough that they would be exceeding an upload quota, but I haven't tested that fully... just a thought. Just thought it would be worth posting for others.
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