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  1. It would be so helpful to be able to share Evernotes with others who don't use Evernote by allowing them to view notes without signing in at all. I'd like to send them a link, and they'd be able to see the note I'm wanting to share with them. I use Evernote for everything, but most of my friends and colleagues are not Evernote users, so I always have to upload the document to Google Docs because I only have to send the link and everyone can see the document. I don't think it's because more people have Google. I think they don't need to sign in. But I could be wrong. But most people do not sign in, and if I send a link or work chat, they email me that they are confused and don't know how to "get into Evernote."
  2. I wasn't on this page when I responded earlier...NOW I get the joke that I look a little young to be room mom!! LOL...and a little boyish, I would add. I have a different pix of myself on most of these pages, and assumed that was the one you saw. How embarrassing!! Thank you both so much for the very helpful responses! I have checked out the educator microsite, and was torn where to post. I'll keep an eye on both. I'm thinking that Google Drive might be more user friendly for the less geeky of our parents (most of the moms, if not the dads), but I'll save everything in both places so I can use the Evernote shortcuts on my Android phone. I love that I can use those shortcuts on my phone, and use them to keep track of my son's summer activities as well as my mom's travel info (she's visiting from out of town and I have her itinerary, shuttle info, etc.) so I can get right to that info from the home screen of the phone. Candice seems to be on top of the room mom situation, but basically, I will: -organize classroom events, parties, and field trips -keep a list of who signed up for what -have moms sign up for everything from who is teaching the "art angels" program each month to what our teacher's wish list is and who is donating what There is a lot of signing up for stuff...who is bringing cookies for the back to school get together, eg, and I am also investigating a couple of sign-up sites (signupgenius.com and volunteerspot.com) which are geared specifically toward that. The Google Drive version of these things are perfect for those moms who are also engineers and excel-sheet nuts -- not exactly our population. So I'll have to pull together a variety of resources, but as long as I have one site with links to everything (Google drive folder) and send emails to keep everyone in the loop on a regular basis, I think I can make this work for everyone with a child in my son's class. I wish there were a way to have all of this in one place, including a page for photos of events...almost like facebook for room moms. But I don't have the time or expertise to start something like that. But I'm so glad to have found you guys! I could use the feedback and a place to share ideas as the year goes on. I'm really excited about being room mom this year, and as a geek, I am glad to have so many options. Thanks!!! Leslie
  3. I'm a huge Evernote user and love it for keeping track of details, records, information, etc. But I want to get the most out of it as a room mom this year...I'm my son's second grade room mom. I'd love to share ideas with any of you who are room moms or otherwise organizing activities with Evernote. Thanks! Leslie Godwin
  4. I want to be able to add tags to clippings like I can with all other notes. I will try to make sure I do that when I clip it until the feature is included in a future version, but the tags are very integral to the usefulness of evernote, so I hope we'll soon be able to edit and add tags to any note. I'm using Mac OS X Lion and the web browser version. Thanks for a great app!!
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