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  1. Thanks for clearing this up guys. It would be great if the feature could be implemented in the future... It's already possible on an iPad but the iPad simply isn't good enough to meet our needs as a business.
  2. Hi Gazumped, Thank you for your reply but im not sure you quite understand the issue from your suggested resolve. The pictures show up fine in Evernote but you cannot arrange them in the body of the text on the device itself when creating/editing a note. If you insert a picture into an evernote then it shows up like this (attachment at top of page): As opposed to this (fully inserted into body of text): I would like to see my inserted pictures in the body of text when creating an evernote on an Android device... Is this possible?
  3. Hi All, Firstly... hello to the evernote community!... I've been using evernote commercially for close to a year now and it is working out beautifully. Secondly... i have a query: When creating a note on my Android device (Galaxy Note to be exact), any pictures i take with the camera appear simply as attachments all lined up next to each other at the top of the screen. However... i would like to be able to insert some text, then insert a picture, then more text, then another picture etc.... PICTURE TEXT PICTURE TEXT PICTURE TEXT ... and so on... I can do this when using Evernote on an iPad but, as mentioned above, on a Galaxy Note all "inserted" pictures do not appear in the body of the text but as attachments at the top of the (ever)note. Is there any way i can achieve what i desire on a Galaxy Note? Any help would be much appreciated...
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