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  1. I discovered how to temporarily fix the broken Ctrl-A behavior, by doing either one of the following: Drag and drop an image (png, jpg, gif, etc.) from the Finder into the main text area of a note OR: Cut-n-paste in an image from system clipboard via Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4 (⌘+^+Shift+4). After the image is inserted into the note, Ctrl-A now works properly within that note only. The inserted image can be deleted immediately after pasting -- recommended unless you want that image to be forever associated with your note in the Snippets & Cards views (this gets to another one of my Evernote gripes). The image insertion fix does not work with images you copy or cut from another note in Evernote using Ctrl-C or Ctrl-V. The image must be inserted from a screen grab or from a drag-n-drop from the Finder. This fix is temporary because if you switch to a different note, Ctrl-A reverts to selecting all text, even when you return to the original note where you added the image. So keep a tiny image in your clipboard using ⌘+^+Shift+4 so you can paste & delete it into any given note that you need to edit and want to use Ctrl-A normally. Control-key workarounds for broken Ctrl-A: Shift-Ctrl-A, Ctrl-B Ctrl-P, Ctrl-E, Ctrl-F If you don't want to spend all day cut/paste/deleting images into all your notes, the above control key combos can be used to move the cursor to the start of the current line you are editing. When the cursor is inside a long paragraph, you'll need to tack on extra Ctrl-N's or Ctrl-P's to navigate to the line of interest. And yes, the Ctrl-A bug is still present in Evernote version 10.22.3-mac. I noted this image insertion fix on my support ticket. Perhaps will provide clues as to how to fix the app.
  2. On my support ticket (#3384041), Evernote Customer Support has notified me today that: 🤞🏼 Btw, I noticed that Ctrl-A works as expected in the text search bar. This bug is very specific to the note body.
  3. I can confirm this issue using the following version of Evernote on Mac: 10.21.5-mac-mas-public (458776) Editor: v131.1.16771 Service: v1.39.1 Described in my tweet thread here: https://twitter.com/trutane/status/1438939306639327232 This issue occurs in the main body of a text note, but interestingly, it does not happen in the note's title where ctrl-A works as expected. I've submitted a support ticket for this (#3384041). Hope it is resolved soon!
  4. I've seen it too on Mac Book Pro Evernote version 7.14 (458244 Direct), OSX version 10.15.6 (Catalina). See my comment I posted on this related ticket: :
  5. I've also observed similar "jumpy cursor" behavior on Mac desktop Evernote version 7.14 (458244 Direct), OSX version 10.15.6, but in a different context. For me, it occurs when typing somewhere within a note, usually in a large note and within or near a bulleted list, which I use liberally. I haven't seen an association with single quote characters or line breaks as noted by the OP. It is an unnerving behavior, since it is unpredictable when and where the cursor will jump! Possibly related: when typing in a bulleted list and I hit return (enter) at the end of a bullet to create a new bullet, sometimes the cursor jumps BELOW the newly created bullet and hitting the delete (backspace) key moves the cursor back to the end of the previous bullet where the cursor was before I hit return. It's as if the new bullet is not accessible, non-functional. I have to delete the new bullet and the line it was on and try again to create a new one, which then usually works.
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