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  1. Thanks for your reply. I just had a play with that idea and it does work as you suggest which I was surprised about! Not especially practical though so I'll stick with my local Wiki for now. Would have been great if there was a plugin or something.
  2. I'd like to have blocks of code in Evernote desktop look different to the rest of my text. Ideally indented, or with a coloured background, different coloured text and font - that kind of thing. Is this possible?
  3. Thanks for confirming. Yes, Windows desktop. I'll have a play around with it as you suggest.
  4. I currently have my notes showing in List View above the editing pane. Is it possible to move the List View below the editing pane?
  5. At least it saves on typing, eh? Great attitude. You realise some people don't live on these forums and land on this page via a search engine? Also worth noting that a much greater number of people these days use multiple operating systems and multiple devices. Linux is particularly useful on older systems. So I can use EN on my PC, Mac, iPad and Droid phone with a proper application (and they're all great), but have to use the crappy web interface on my Linux machine. Apologies for the anger, but I love EN and find it very frustrating that this situation exists, although I do understand the economics of the problem.
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