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  1. This is a blog post I published a while back. It describes a simple GTD method to track projects and also incorporates a daily portfolio based off this GTD method. All done in Evernote of course! Check it out. Let me know what you think, or if you have recommedations. http://getmegeeky.com/2012/07/25/master-lifes-juggling-act-maximize-daily-productivity-with-evernote-gtd-and-a-daily-portfolio/ Thanks!
  2. Awhile back I wrote this guest post over at www.yourway.net, it seemed to help a lot of people so I thought I would post it here as well. http://tech.yourway....age-your-chaos/. By the way if you need a little more guidance check out "A Mom's Guide to Evernote". Evernote is a fantastic tech tool that can help you get a grip on all the loose ends in your life. You simply install it on your computer and smartphone, and it will quickly develop into your digital file cabinet. Below, I have listed 7 examples of ways I use Evernote in my everyday life. Shot Records It is always at the most random and inconvenient times I get caught needing one of my kids shot records. With my records saved electronically their shot records are with me wherever I go. Babysitting File It seems that every time we have a babysitter planned that it is total chaos beforehand. Keeping a babysitting file on hand with the bedtime routine and emergency information makes it simple to get out the door. I just email over the info to the babysitter. This is especially handy in the event of an emergency. Vacation Planning Planning a vacation for a family is no simple task. Finding a place to stay, making travel plans and keeping track of the paperwork. Not to mention the work to get everyone out the door. I keep all my lists with everything we need to get packed in Evernote. It is so easy to share notes. I can send them over to my husband too. Honey Do List Family life is pretty busy, but it doesn’t stop those nagging tasks from needing to get done. Weekends in our house get pretty crammed. So, when there is time to get things accomplished, it is easiest to pull out my on-going “honey do” list. Always having this information it makes our trips to Lowes, Target and grocery store much more efficient. Home/Property Management Managing your home or multiple homes is a lot of work. However, there is massive amounts of time to be saved by tracking all your home information through a paperless system. You can put warranty info, appliance info, leases, paperwork, pictures, and repair contacts all in Evernote. This allows you to easily and promptly deal with any home situation that occurs. Kids’ Artwork I love all the awesome artwork and projects that my kids bring home from school, however, I can’t stand all the clutter of the paper. I save the absolute best of the best. The rest I snap a photo of, save in Evernote and throw it away guilt free. Kids’ Activities Schedules Keeping up with the back and forth of all the kids is exhausting. School schedules, sports information are all saved in Evernote. That way no matter where I am I can reference these events that we need to work around. If you would like to learn more information on getting up and running with Evernote and organizing everything within, check out my ebook, Evernote for Moms. It is a quick and easy read designed to get you started in one afternoon.
  3. Hi All, I hope I can encourage a few parents out there. Evernote is SO MUCH HELP managing my three kids and the rest of the household. Unfortunately, I think it can be a little intimidating/overwhelming when you first get started. Especially, if you are new a paperless lifestyle. After trying to convince and explain to many Mom friends how this could change their life I decided to write a short ebook (http://www.getmegeeky.com/evernote/evernote_for_moms.html). It is designed to be short enough that those with busy lives can read it during naptime or soccer practice, but still give you enough information to get started. Anyway I would love to complement the already helpful people on this forum and answer any questions.
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