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  1. With the kind help of Chris, which provided test data and lots of feedback, I've sorted out some issues, and I hope it should work now. Link updated. q
  2. I can see that there are some debug alerts() left in the code - I removed them (see link @ first posting) Sorry! This jsfiddele thing did not turn out quite as I expected... I haven't tested this on a mac, but I think that the Netscape format is fairly cross platform. In any case, it should be easy to change the code to catch variations in the export format. (I think the latest version works with bookmarks exported from Firefox) q
  3. I am not sure if it addresses your problems, but I've got an updated version here, I created it some time ago. It fixes some problems, and as I was thinking on how I wanted to convert the folders to tags, I added options along the way cheers,
  4. Update: I've noticed there are some bugs. The date/time should not be formatted with separators, it looks like all times are set to now on import. I've noticed that Firefox's export format is slightly different, with a <DD> with site description and also modified date/time. It should be possible to include this info with a few minor tweaks to the javascript. Please also look at hiw I've implemented folder-tag conversion. All notes are set with all parent folders as tags, and all tags are concatenated folder names with 'root' at the bottom. I did it this way to be sure that I did not lose any information, and preserve a kind of namespace for the imported bookmarks vs existing tags/notes.
  5. Hi, it's just a simple html page with javascript. I uploaded it to jsfiddle to make sharing easy. Just click the link, click "run" on the and you'll see two input boxes - that's all that is to it :-)
  6. Hi, I wanted to organize my bookmarks with tags, and was not happy with the Chrome bookmark manager, so I decided to create a small tool to help importing bookmarks from Chrome (Netscape Bookmark format). It will parse the bookmark export, create notes with folders as tags. The output xml can be saved as an .enex file and imported to Evernote. I'm posting it here in case anyone else will find it useful. I've used simple javascript+jquery parsing functions. It is not tested much. I was inspired by @gufertum's solution (http://discussion.ev...er-to-evernote/), which however was done in perl, and it did not handle folders and dates update 2012/12/12: fixed version here http://jsfiddle.net/iwqnna/LQ2nQ/
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