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  1. https://www.foxitsoftware.com/blog/evernote-selects-foxit-for-windows-application/ I thought I remembered it being part of the Evernote install...
  2. I've read through a bunch of posts here and via Google. Is there no way to rotate a PDF within a note unless I am a Mac user?
  3. I'm guessing I did it in the Windows Application. It was a while ago. Here is a link to check out: https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2015/01/10/save-evernote-searches/ Scroll to the bottom and search for "Favorites"
  4. I tried unchecking "Search Offline" and it worked for a bit, but I am back to it not working again. I've tried entering the searches specifically and they seem to work. I have now deleted my shortcuts and I am trying to re-add them in the web interface to no avail. This is confusing. the Shortcuts worked fine in the web app and Windows app, but not on the Android. In order to try to fix the problem I deleted my shortcuts, but now I cannot favorite a saved search in the web app? Is that right?
  5. I have a saved search that pulls all notes in one particular notebook with a specific tag. This search works fine on Windows and Internet version. When I try to run the search on my Android I get no hits. However, if I try to search for the letter "A" and filter it by the same notebook and tag, I get hits. Any thoughts on this?
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