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  1. Ahah... I solved it. When I attached the pic through Evernote, it doesn't show on the web. If I attached the pic through CamScanner's 'share as' function, it works. I didn't know about this function. Sorry.
  2. I am sorry if this forum isn't for this kind of question. ---- 00. Conditions : - android phone(Galaxy S2) 4.0.3 - Cam Scanner paid - Evernote lastest version. - wifi and 3G data simultaneously 01. Symptoms : - Some notes don't be updated on the web after synchronization. (means that I can not see them on the web) - Those notes have an attached image files(jpeg) that are from 'Cam Scanner paid'. (it was saved as an image file, not a pdf file.) - Everything is fine without synchronizing it. 02. Self-Checks and Tests - The files are in '/mnt/sdcard/CamScanner/images/.' (not in /.images/) - The files which were copied in other directory have no problem with synchronization.(means I can see them on the web) - I copied various types of files, such as mp3, apk, and jpeg files(that were from other directory) to the directory, and they have no problems with synchronization. => I guess that the files (used in CamScanner app) may be interfered in the synchronizing process. It could be my phone's problem, or Cam Scanner's. But I think if you evernote really want to be the best one, this kind of crush may be not good for that. Thank you.
  3. I could do it on a web, but not on the mobile app. I can't believe it doesn't have that kind of basic function. No trashcan in app? I am considering to delete this app...
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