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  1. Related issue: I cannot successfully log in to Evernote Web Clipper v.6.13.1 in Firefox 57.0.3. This is because of the design of the log-in pop-up window. It prompts me for my username first, then requires me to press the 'Continue' button. It should then make the password prompt box visible, but it does not. On every third time I click the 'Continue' button, I see an unformatted version of the complete log-in page (with password box) flash onto my screen for a second, then back to the username prompt. So I can literally not log in. This fails to impress/surprise me in equal amounts. Solution: Thanks to the advice offered above, I installed Web Clipper v.6.9.3. This does allow me to log in. It has the older user interface but is still compatible with Firefox Quantum. (Whitelisting the evernote.com domain in my adblocker and cookie deleter add-ons did not solve this issue). By reverting to an older version successfully, this indicates that the feature used to work, can work with FF57+, but some recent coding changes have messed it up. Confirmation: When I tried to log in to this discussion forum to post this comment, using the same Firefox 57.0.3 and downgraded Web Clipper combination, I was presented with the same problematic log-in page. So I literally had to switch browsers to log in to post this comment about not being able to log in. The problem is with your log-in form layout! Why get all fancy with the 'Continue' button? Why not just show the password box and let me get on with it?
  2. I also reverted to version 6.2.0 and can confirm that clipping is functional. GambaJo, thanks for mentioning uBlock Origin, it might be the problem for me too but I can't spend time troubleshooting today. I'll just wait until we hear from the Evernote dev team on a solution before I update again.
  3. First of all, thanks for continuing to develop this product. But I, too, confirm that the Web Clipper is broken. I'm prompted to sign in, but I get the "Unknown error". For me, both updates occurred in the same day, Web Clipper 6.9.3 and Firefox 50 on Windows 7. However, I'm going to suggest that the issue lies with your update. This is because I'm still using Evernote's legacy product Clearly (which you discontinued last year), and I can successfully clip content to my Evernote account that way. I'm glad I didn't take your advice and uninstall it; it's my hedge against Web Clipper bugs. I really hope this is not another unsigned certificate issue for the new version, but at least it would be a non-technical fix. In any case, this latest episode is unhelpful to my workflow.
  4. Hi, I'm another user having problems with Evernote Web Clipper on Firefox for Win7. And yes, everything is up to date. It's been buggy since last fall, and it's pretty much broken the product for me. I do have a workaround suggestion for all the people in a similar position. I have another Firefox add-on installed called Clearly (also an Evernote product). Its job is to strip out background formatting and present a web page as simple text. It also has a button for "save to Evernote", and it still works. So basically I'm saving simplified web pages in Evernote using this add-on. I add tags and assign to the right notebook later in the Evernote app. It`s sub-optimal. Here`s the unfortunate part: Clearly was discontinued by Evernote in December 2015. Their advice: use Web Clipper instead. (Very funny, guys) If you can find a copy of Clearly (mine is version somewhere and can add it to your Firefox, at least it makes it semi-functional for now. Strobe
  5. Ok, if this is a popularity contest, I'd also like to mention that highlighting would be really useful. It feels like the lack of this feature is an ideological decision by the developers. Or maybe it's just too boring for the coders to write 10 new lines and add it. Prove me wrong, please...
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