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    Google only currently. I have been using Google calendar as a conduit for my Apply calendar and that has been working.
    • greatly appreciate your response to my inquire...tried to create the link between the two and new calendar dates do not sync.  If you don't mind sharing- what method did you use as a conduit?  Thanks in advance, Gary
    1. s2sailor


      Hey Gary, it has been years since I've done this, but I think the steps are something like this.  If you haven't already, create a google account/calendar.  Once that is created you should be able to link it to your Apple calendar from the Apple side.  Get that working first where new entries on your Apple calendar show up on the Google calendar.  Once that is all working you should then be able to link the Google calendar to your Evernote account.  Good luck!


    2. bogey08


      Thanks John


  2. Been around since 2008 and just saw the new "Google Calendar" widget. Why didn't Evernote put an Apple Calendar option? Maybe it's already available and I missed it.
  3. I realize it is a simple question, but I have been trying for an hour. Why not ask the experts. Thank in advance.
  4. Enhanced business cards: Include both sides and easily update fields when you scan business cards. Please explain how to scan business cards on both sides. Thanks
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