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  1. I've read here with interest some excellent posts on this topic. I appreciate that some have different uses for Evernote than I, since I try to keep any sensitive or personal information off Google or Evernote. They've been good tools for me, each in its own way. I've used Evernote since 2009, and Google since 2005. I have no particular suspicions of either company. What I want is for someone to justify the price increase of my premium subscription to Evernote if it's going to become more Google-like. I already pay for Google storage. I use Google Drive docs and sheets, which don't count against my storage there. I struggle with Google's many iterations of photos frequently, and Google has saved me from losing items many times, as has Evernote. I've used Google Keep since its introduction, but Google Drive is more similar to Evernote in the way I personally use it. Although others feel differently, it wouldn't bother me if Google bought Evernote, because Google has needed an organizational program like Evernote for a long time. It would bother me to have paid a year's subscription to Evernote, only to have it become Google, where my notes are mostly already backed up in storage I've already purchased. I hope someone will answer this question simply and without embellishment. I want to know what I'm going to get for my money that I don't already pay for with Google. Thanks!
  2. I love Google. When Evernote's price increase was announced, I tried to move everything to Google, but soon realized why I need both. Google information can be hard to find. On Evernote, I know it will be where I placed it. I hope you won't adopt the Google search method of organization. The photo I want might be on another account, or it might still be in Picasa (which I loved), or I have no idea what year it's from. Google's other bad habit is making guinea pigs of us, and just when we get things the way we want them, they announce that feature will soon be going away, or there's a new, improved version, which might be worse. Evernote is a stable alternative and I hope it will stay that way.
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