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  1. This is an update in case anyone else runs into the problem of having no link to renew Premium on their account status or subscription management page. This morning I clipped an article and saved it to Evernote. At that time, I was presented with a link to renew my Premium subscription. After trying a few other web clippers on PC in the last few days, I made the decision that for the clipper alone, I would save myself some grief if I took advantage of that link and renewed Evernote Premium. LibreOffice Writer, which is open source and free, is good for my notes, backed up at sync.com, where t
  2. Thanks for the reply and the offer of help! I didn't submit a ticket. To say I was put off is an understatement. Luckily, I also did not update to v10, but the threat of the legacy app being available for an unknown period of time is motivation enough for me to look for a more secure and efficient solution. And frankly, the thought of Evernote AI pilfering through my notes looking for something to put on my Home page is abhorrent to me. It's not something I need and not at all what I signed up for.
  3. Having watched Ian Small's new videos on YouTube, I feel as if a company which had been supplying me with potatoes since 2009 had suddenly and without warning delivered me a bag of kumquats and informed me that they would be delivering me kumquats from now on. They said that 95% of their customers preferred kumquats, and that only 2% were using potatoes, so it was much more efficient for them to bring me kumquats, too. Potatoes aren't flashy, but they're a staple at my house and I have a lot of recipes for them. I'm sure kumquats are lovely, but I've never eaten one. With my premium subs
  4. Right now, with the legacy version, I can format my notes in whatever font I plan to use on the document I'm going to create from that note. Fonts are limited to I think 5 in the new version and it hampers a lot of people, including coders. It's one of the main reasons I've been a paying customer of Evernote. If I'm copying something from a note I've made in the new version of Evernote, I would have to reformat it from their font in Word or LibreOffice or whatever. I could do that. I could encrypt my notes in Evernote. But I can't see any reason to pay to use Evernote at all if I need wo
  5. The loss of local notebooks makes it unusable for me because of confidentiality issues. But also the limitation of fonts makes it unwieldy for use with other programs. Copying, pasting, and reformatting isn't something I want to do all the time. Removal of the Outlook Clipper and the inability to email into Evernote surprised me. Maybe the thing that surprised me most was the removal of presentation mode.
  6. Evernote is a product, not a religion. I've been using it on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS since 2013 because it did what I needed it to do and it was useful enough to justify the expense. So far, all I've heard from Evernote is how the new, improved version will help them by causing them less work. None of the few new features helps me in any way, and the loss of the old features means this product no longer does what I need it to do. My renewal comes up in January. Why would I spend money on a product I don't like? I'm not canceling out of revenge. I wish them well. They simply are
  7. I've read here with interest some excellent posts on this topic. I appreciate that some have different uses for Evernote than I, since I try to keep any sensitive or personal information off Google or Evernote. They've been good tools for me, each in its own way. I've used Evernote since 2009, and Google since 2005. I have no particular suspicions of either company. What I want is for someone to justify the price increase of my premium subscription to Evernote if it's going to become more Google-like. I already pay for Google storage. I use Google Drive docs and sheets, which don't count again
  8. I love Google. When Evernote's price increase was announced, I tried to move everything to Google, but soon realized why I need both. Google information can be hard to find. On Evernote, I know it will be where I placed it. I hope you won't adopt the Google search method of organization. The photo I want might be on another account, or it might still be in Picasa (which I loved), or I have no idea what year it's from. Google's other bad habit is making guinea pigs of us, and just when we get things the way we want them, they announce that feature will soon be going away, or there's a new, impr
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