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  1. No, I don't have an appcleaner. Which one are you referring to? thanks
  2. Running Mojave and evernote will no longer open. It opens for a split second then crashes. I have installed the latest version and reinstalled but no luck. This started after I got rid of Catalina and reinstalled Mojave, I don't know if that matters or how. Thanks
  3. Is there a non-premium version for IOS 7? The itunes store only lists premium versions, all of which require ios 8. Thanks
  4. I get this every day now....there's no setting i can find to stop it.
  5. it seems that a stack is the end of the road for organizing files. Suppose you had 10 notes and put them in a notebook called chapter 1 then you put that notebook in a stack called Mystery Novel. What if you wanted to create a "folder" for Mystery Novel called Fiction? You can't do it because stacks don't go into anything. Do you see what I mean, there seems to be a limited ability to nest documents or am I missing something? thanks!
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