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  1. Is there a non-premium version for IOS 7? The itunes store only lists premium versions, all of which require ios 8. Thanks
  2. I get this every day now....there's no setting i can find to stop it.
  3. thx, I'm so new to mac I didn't realize the app menus are not on the app like in windows, rather way up at the top of the screen.
  4. Using the client for mac. How do you close the left panel? thx
  5. it seems that a stack is the end of the road for organizing files. Suppose you had 10 notes and put them in a notebook called chapter 1 then you put that notebook in a stack called Mystery Novel. What if you wanted to create a "folder" for Mystery Novel called Fiction? You can't do it because stacks don't go into anything. Do you see what I mean, there seems to be a limited ability to nest documents or am I missing something? thanks!
  6. I would like the font offerings to be the same on all platforms. For example, the platform for PC that runs like a program has a full set of font choices and colors, but the browser based platform has a limited number of fonts (under font family) as well as limited colors. The android version can't deal with colored fonts.
  7. Hi, I am having trouble editing one of my notes. I can edit it on the PC but on the phone I'm having trouble. I hit the edit icon and the cursor goes to the beginning of the beginning of the title box. Gray bars with three dots (...) appear at the top and the bottom of the text box. If I tap the text box nothing happens (normally I tap the text box and start writing.) If I tap one of the gray bars a gray box pops up saying "Note Content." I can enter text but this will appear either above or below the text that is already there; I can't edit the text in the text box. Any idea what's going on? Thanks!!
  8. Hi, I copied something in capital letters from the web and pasted it in a note, now everything I type after that is in caps. How can I get back to a normal input mode. Thanks
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