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  1. I love that Evernote has implemented note links, but I found the process still a bit clunky compared to the ease of use of wiki style linking, where you just put some markup around the destination page title. Another feature of wiki style links is being able to create links to pages that don't exist, and have these pages automatically created when you click on the link; this makes it really fast to build out structured content. This is one of the ideas that inspired me to enter an Evernote powered wiki into the 2012 Evernote Dev Cup. If you're still interested in this idea,GoLD, you might want to check out my submission: http://devcup.evernote.com/submissions/8669-enwiki It supports wiki style linking - but not creating new pages when you click a link to a page that doesn't exist (but that's on the development roadmap; I've only had a few months of weekends to work on this). Unfortunately, the current offering is packaged as an ASP.NET web server embedded in Windows binary, so no Linux support (unless you can make it work under WINE?) But the architecture is such that it could easily be moved to a hosted service on the cloud. Or it might be possible to host the web server on your own Linux box using Mono. I'll need to put a little bit more development time in to make the web application fully stand-alone before investigating that route...
  2. Soon after the Evernote Dev Cup was announced, I found myself needing to start up a wiki to collaborate with a small group of others. I also needed something that I could take with me everywhere, so I thought "hey, why not build a wiki that is powered by Evernote". I was able to put together a working prototype - if you think you might be interested, check out my submission page! http://devcup.everno...ons/8669-enwiki I'm hoping that I could one day expand this idea to include additional wiki modules, such as automatically generating an index page - but I'm not totally sure how that would integrate with Evernote; if it would be a feature offered only through Enwiki or if it would push back the generated index back into Evernote.
  3. If you are still looking for a way to turn an Evernote notebook into a private or public wiki, you might want to check out my entry for the 2012 Evernote Dev Cup! http://devcup.evernote.com/submissions/8669-enwiki
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