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  1. When pasting formatted text as unformatted, Evernote does not advance the cursor. For example, I'm going to copy this text from Visual Studio Code, but not the end. I'm NOT copying any EOL character (\n, whatever). In Evernote, create a bullet list. The paste it with cmd-shift-v so that only the plain text is pasted. OK... but the cursor is at the START of the line. If I now type "test" then the letters appear at the front of the line. What if I go to the end of the line and paste unformatted again? Yep, cursor is still in the front, not the end of what I pasted.
  2. Thanks for your response... it's the current Mac client.
  3. On Mac Evernote at the start of a blank line, type: a b c shift-left arrow (selects last character) cmd-c (copy) cmd-left arrow (moves to beginning of line) cmd-v (paste) cmd-z (undo) Result: instead of the cursor being at the beginning of the line before step 7, it is back at step 4 with "c" selected.
  4. Paste the following code into evernote and it creates a mystery link that goes to http://Comparator.comparingInt(String::length)).get().length(); final int longest = errors.stream().max(Comparator.comparingInt(String::length)).get().length(); Typing it in doesn't, though... only pasting.
  5. As I look through this thread I see roughly three years of "I'd like to see strikethrough" and yet it never gets added, nor does the Evernote team ever come in and explain why. It's a relatively simple problem. Strikethrough can be applied to evernote text through the font editor which comes from Apple. I believe it could also be scripted using AppleScript, if Evernote even supports Applescript. To not have this feature in Evernote after this amount of time is ludicrous. They are simply not paying attention to these forums. And the earlier posters are right... the checkboxes stink.
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