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  1. I am having an even worst time with the upgrade. Let me first say I looove Evernote, it has changed my life and I cannot go back to NOT clip interesting things I see. However, right now I have been forced to disable the extension in Chrome, otherwise it will crash the entire browser within seconds - without even using the clipper! To fix it I have to start the computer in "fale-safe-mode" and disable the extension in Chrome, restart and presto. But without Chrome, I cannot work, study or live. So please, fix this!
  2. What's "interesting", or rather depressing, is that any file is opened with the speed of lightning in dropbox. High-res pictures, pdf:s and doc:s are displayed all in the blink of an eye. So, it's the app, not the files or the iPad. And why, why, why display both folders and sub-folders? Very annoying, as it keeps me from creating the order I want in the desktop version, since multiple sub-folders make it's so hard to find the files on the iPad.
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