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  1. Very wise and more diplomatic than I I agree with the summary and we have done all we can from our side so lets see what happens...
  2. I think you are missing the point - there's obviously a lot more apps that can do more than Evernote in certain areas - e.g. Outlook OneNote - this integrates even better with Outlook. I could use a pad of paper instead of Evernote in the first place. However, the whole reason I use Evernote is that it made my life easier - so if another app comes along that can do what they do and also lets me put reminders on notes then this app is going to be more useful to me than Evernote. As a developer, I highly doubt the reason is technical difficulty, or cost for that matter. I believe it is just a case of a product not listening to it's users.
  3. IF you want to keep me as a user you need to be able to provide basic scheduling/due dates...
  4. Thanks, can everyone comment on that thread to show their interest. I appreciate there are plug ins and extra tools but this should be core functionality if you want to keep me as a user.
  5. I use things like BaseCamp and To Do apps and Outlook for reminders and I use Evernote for everything else. You would appeal to a massive market if I could right click on a note and set a reminder.
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