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  1. Another vote for this. I'd love to use Evernote for shared grocery lists, but those checkboxes are awful on iOS. I have pretty wide fingers, and it's a hassle to hit the checkboxes right. Take a look at Trello's checklist feature for how this can and should look. My wife and I both have Evernote premium accounts, but we use Trello because the checkboxes are larger. If you can create a checklist feature like Trello has, we'll move out of Trello and use Evernote for our checklists. Since I like to keep the number of applications I use to a minimum, this will be a plus.
  2. I'll revive this request. For those of us using either The Secret Weapon or Daniel Gold's Evernote GTD methodology, nested tags across our devices is really important. While I do use some symbols to work around this issue, having the nested tags on iOS (and, quite honestly, any and all mobile platforms - don't want to leave the Android or Windows Mobile group high and dry) is critical to my workflow. Please make this happen. I can't imagine it would be that difficult.
  3. What are the mindmapping tools people are using to integrate with Evernote? I've been testing Mindomo, XMind, and Curio (Mac only). I'm looking for something where, at a minimum, I can either link to a web-based map or easily open a mindmap in Evernote to edit. I use mindmaps a lot to brainstorm new project ideas, and I use Evernote for my GTD and my general "hub" application. Thanks!
  4. I get what Gatorbrit's saying about the two-way sync. I know I'm probably in the minority on this, but I actually like the idea of only having Zendone as a "one-way sync" where I can only process my Evernotes and not try to edit them in Zendone. I'm running a dual test with IQTell and Zendone, and I like that Zendone is simpler. I know that I can file Evernotes in Zendone but not edit them. That allows me to know I only process my GTD system in Zendone and edit my Evernote information only in Evernote. I can definitely see why IQTell is appealing, and I can also see why The Secret Weapon is a
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