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  1. What are the mindmapping tools people are using to integrate with Evernote? I've been testing Mindomo, XMind, and Curio (Mac only). I'm looking for something where, at a minimum, I can either link to a web-based map or easily open a mindmap in Evernote to edit. I use mindmaps a lot to brainstorm new project ideas, and I use Evernote for my GTD and my general "hub" application. Thanks!
  2. I get what Gatorbrit's saying about the two-way sync. I know I'm probably in the minority on this, but I actually like the idea of only having Zendone as a "one-way sync" where I can only process my Evernotes and not try to edit them in Zendone. I'm running a dual test with IQTell and Zendone, and I like that Zendone is simpler. I know that I can file Evernotes in Zendone but not edit them. That allows me to know I only process my GTD system in Zendone and edit my Evernote information only in Evernote. I can definitely see why IQTell is appealing, and I can also see why The Secret Weapon is a good process. For me, I like how Zendone is just a good "just right" overlay for Evernote. I'm very interested to see how the iOS app comes out.
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